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  • Youth Ministry | First United Methodist Church

    Youth Ministry (Grades 5 -12) Here at FUMC, we have two Groups that gather on a weekly basis during the school year: is geared for students in grades 5 through 8. students are planning to be youth ambassadors for Christ! Youth in grades 5 through 8 are invited to participate as well as loving leaders who want to make a difference in our church, community, and world! Ignite Ignite is geared for students in grades 9 through 12. Our Senior High students are truly world changers who are hungry and thirsty for more of God and long for authentic relationships with other young believers in Jesus Christ. Senior High Club Opportunities for Christian Discipleship and Fellowship at FUMC... The teen years are critical times for a healthy connection with a church family, and for the spiritual growth and nurture of young people. Studies indicate that 85% of people who embrace Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior do so before adulthood. We believe that a consistent and comprehensive approach to spiritual growth is crucial. We provide opportunities for Christian Education and Discipleship each and every Sunday during the school year, starting at 10:30 am in grade-appropriate Sunday School classes. In addition to our Christian Education opportunities on Sunday mornings, the youth can get plugged into the group on a weekly basis through the on Wednesday evenings or the which is held on Sunday evenings. Ignite group Senior High Club Our young people are seeking to "live out" their faith together - as one big family of faith. They desire to grow in faith and character. We tackle topics that are meaningful to students today. We believe in equipping and empowering young people to be the hands and feet of Christ - to be servant leaders in a world that is longing for something worth living and dying for. We find no greater cause, than the cause of Christ. Feel like something is missing in your life? Seeking something more? Come check us out!

  • Memberships & Affiliations | First United Methodist Church

    MEMBERSHIPS AND AFFILIATIONS First United Methodist Church is a member church of the Wesley Covenant Association (WCA), and has been since 2016. The Wesleyan Covenant Association connects Spirit-filled, orthodox churches, clergy, and laity who hold to Wesleyan theology. It is an association or network of individuals and congregations who share a common understanding of our Wesleyan doctrine and desire to become a vibrant, faithful, growing 21st century church. We believe change is coming to The United Methodist Church, and as we live into what comes next, the Wesleyan Covenant Association will connect, encourage, and resource clergy, laity, congregations, and regional chapters by: ​ Committing to the primary authority of Scripture and the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Creating a unified response to the Bishops’ Commission recommendation that would maintain traditional, orthodox Methodist beliefs. Developing a plan for a positive and faithful future. The Wesleyan Covenant Association affirms the work of other renewal groups, such as The Confessing Movement, Good News, and UM Action. However, the WCA’s purpose is not to fight the political battles raging across the church, but to prepare for and live into a positive and fruitful future. For further information, see the Wesley Covenant Association website: . Further information about the WCA is also available in the church office. ​ ​ Information provided by Rev. Dr. Christopher Fisher and the Administrative Board.

  • Forms | First United Methodist Church

    FORMS ​ This page offers a brief explanation of the forms available through our website. You may access these by clicking on the links below. Media Service Form Each Sunday, we are provided with the sight and sound ministry of our church service by only a few members of our church every week. If they are not available, then the operations of sight and sound become chaotic or not available. The Media-Tech Committee is asking for just a little of your time of volunteering in this ministry. With enough volunteers, the Committee can create a schedule that will save your time to once a month, at minimum; just like periodically being a greeter/usher. All we need is a few moments to fill this form out and forward it to the . Church office Photo Release Form Technology today is allowing the use of photographs of individuals and groups in many different media formats. In light of this fact, the Communications Committee is requesting that the congregation take the time to review, complete, and return the Photo Release Form to the . This form authorizes FUMC to use snapshots in slide presentations, on the church website, directory, newsletter, brochure, or in any other material. church webmaster Website Information Submittal Form This form is to submit a request for information to be posted on the church website. The requestor contact information will not be posted on the website. If there are parties interested in your announcement, they will be directed to contact the requestor* or the church office for additional information. Use reverse side or attach additional pages if necessary. You may also forward information/clipart to the Webmaster by emailing it to the church webmaster . ​ Weekly Worship Service Recordings Request Form Each Sunday, FUMC streams its worship services online at . These services are also viewable through Facebook and Vimeo. Simply clicking on the church's website link will take you to various viewing options. Because some members of the congregation do not have access to the internet, we are offering to record the services on CD or DVD for those who request them, and have them mailed or hand delivered by a cadre of volunteers, thanks to the Stephen Ministry. Please call the church office or mail in this form if you need a CD or DVD of the worship service in order to participate in worship. Thank you. ​ Youth Permission/Blanket Release Form . Moms & Dads... please be sure to download and fill out the 2019-2020 Student Permission & Release Form. All forms must be filled out and turned in for all children and teens involved at FUMC. Please forward your completed form to Pastor Fisher at

  • Youth Form(s) | First United Methodist Church

    YOUTH FORMS ​ This page offers a brief explanation of the forms available through our website. You may access these by clicking on the links below Photo Release Form ​ Technology today is allowing the use of photographs of individuals and groups in many different media formats. In light of this fact, the Communications Committee is requesting that the congregation take the time to review, complete, and return the Photo Release Form to the . This form authorizes FUMC to use snapshots in slide presentations, on the church website, directory, newsletter, brochure, or in any other material. church webmaster Youth Permission/Blanket Release Form ​ . Moms & Dads... please be sure to download and fill out the 2020-2021 Student Permission & Release Form. All forms must be filled out and turned in for all children and teens involved at FUMC. Please forward your completed form to Pastor Fisher at

  • Bible Reading Plans | First United Methodist Church

    BIBLE READING PLAN To grow in faith, there is no substitute for spending time in God's Word. It's not just a matter of growing either. It's a matter of daily spiritual sustenance. We pray to God, "Give us this day our daily bread," but the Word of God also says, "People shall not live on bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God." This is how Jesus countered the temptation of the Devil. In other words, partaking of the Word of God every day is as important as eating our daily food. It's spiritual nourishment. You need it to stay healthy in the Spirit. This brochure contains a Bible-reading plan that will enable you to read through the entire Bible in a year. It requires about 15-30 minutes a day, depending on your reading speed, reading about 3-4 chapters per day. There is really no "right" way to read through the Bible, so this plan is just one systematic suggestion of how to do it. If you have a smart phone, you can download a Bible App like "YouVersion," and you can set it up to listen to audio recordings of the Scriptures while you drive. You will be amazed at the way God talks to you as you make this type of Bible study a regular part of your devotional life. I have found over and over this to be true: what I read in a particular day's Bible-reading devotions matches and applies to what is going on in my life. God speaks to us through his word. ​ Click here to access the Bible Reading Plan for 2020 ​ Click here to access the Bible Reading Plan used in 2019

  • Men's & Women's Groups | First United Methodist Church

    MEN'S AND WOMEN'S GROUPS Men's Breakfast Group A fellowship opportunity open to all Christian men in the community. Meets the third Saturday each month at 8:00 am for inspiration, study, and fellowship. ​ Methodist Women ​Methodist Women's Ministries formerly known as United Methodist women is a group whose goal is to show the love of Christ through its giving to local and national mission projects and doing hands-on mission work for the local community. Time is spent learning about social justice issues then walking the talk by raising money to aid those in need. The group also does various collections for local missions.

  • The Prayer Room | First United Methodist Church

    THE PRAYER ROOM The vision for a Prayer Room began with a Thursday morning prayer group looking for a quiet place to pray in a busy church building. After prayer and discussion, the matter was referred to the Trustees and officially approved by the Administrative Board in 2008. The Prayer Room was completed in 2009 and is located just off the Sanctuary. Construction of this wonderful room was accomplished by people from the church; most of the furnishings, decorating, etc. and stain glass windows were also made by or donated by church members. Upon completion, the room was consecrated to the Glory of God in memory of past saints who were members of the church when it was still meeting at the building on St. Johns Street, Schuylkill Haven. That building was destroyed by fire in 1980, leading to the present structure at 420 Saylor Street, Schuylkill Haven. One of the Prayer Room stain glass windows is a small reproduction of a large stain glass window that hung behind the altar in the sanctuary of the St. John Street building. How exciting to see a vision given by God accomplished by church members willing to follow God’s leading. The Prayer Room is used regularly for individual and small group prayer and also for counseling ministry.

  • Mural of the Lord's Supper and Crosses | First United Methodist Church

    MURAL OF THE LORD'S SUPPER AND CROSSES This Lord’s Supper Mural is given to the glory of God in loving memory of Charles C. Reading and Charles I. Reading. There is an ancient proverb that shares the insight “A picture tells a thousand words.” The beauty of this Lord’s Supper Mural is that it tells the story of salvation in a way that is beyond the power of words to express. Truth is conveyed not only by wisdom and intellect, but by the heart expressed in art. The sacraments have been called “sermons in action.” A famous layperson once said: “I would rather a sermon than just hear one.” The Lord’s Supper is at the heart of our Christian faith. Here we see the love of God in action. see This Lord’s Supper Mural depicting Jesus Christ our Lord and the twelve disciples tells the grand story of salvation and the divine—human encounter in a very dramatic way. The cross tells the marvelous message of God’s love entering the human struggle to liberate us from the paralyzing powers of sin and death. It should be noted that our Lord gathered his disciples at a rather than an altar. The table is a place where the warmth of friendship and the bond of true intimacy with the host can take place. , as the large Christ cross demonstrates in a vivid way. TABLE JESUS IS ALWAYS THE HOST The is a vivid reminder that Jesus Christ died for us while we were yet sinners. The cross is the only authentic sign of love in our fallen world. The cross is a powerful reminder of how far humanity will go in hate. However, it represents how far Christ will go to demonstrate his love for us. LARGE CHRIST CROSS The other demonstrate how the message of the cross lives on in the lives of the twelve disciples and the cultures they impacted with the gospel. The story continues on. It cannot be stopped. The message continues to call people of every age, race, class, gender, and color to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. TWELVE CROSSES The reminds us that God continues to invite us to commune with him and to develop an intimate relationship with him through the Lord’s Supper. It further reminds us that we are a community of faith where all worldly distinctions face and we are a true family of believers. LORD’S SUPPER TABLE The represent the ongoing nourishment and nurture that God provides for those who love and serve him and the strength and courage needed to follow the example of Christ. BREAD AND CHALICE The remind us that Jesus Christ is the true light of the world and that we should at all times keep our focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. The one true light has entered human history and the powers of darkness are unable to extinguish the light. SPOTLIGHTS The reminds us of the tragic consequences of listening to anything except God’s word and will. Only God can meet the deepest needs and longings of the human spirit. MONEYBAG However, all the crosses together remind us that there is more grace in God than sin in us. God is faithful to his covenant that he established and sealed with his own death and shed blood. There is no sin he cannot forgive and no person he will ever cast out. This is the good news of the gospel that God has called us to share and proclaim each day until he comes again. May all who view this Lord’s Supper Mural be renewed by the good news of the gospel that all of human life can be released from the bondage of sin and death and then be refreshed by the living bread and the cup of salvation. May the words of Charles Wesley inspire us each time we commune at a Lord's Supper observance: How happy are Thy servants Lord, Who thus remember Thee! What tongue can tell our sweet accord, Our perfect harmony? Who Thy mysterious Supper share, Here at Thy Table fed, Many, and yet but one we are, One undivided Bread. One with the Living Bread Divine, Which now by faith we eat; Our hearts, and minds, and spirits join, And all in Jesus meet. So dear the tie where souls agree In Jesu's dying love; Then only can it closer be, When all are join'd above. Amen. To learn more about the crosses depicted in the mural, . click here to view a Legend for the Lord's Supper Mural and Crosses

  • Supported Ministries | First United Methodist Church

    SUPPORTED MINISTRIES Jewel Women's Center ( ) Jewel is formerly Real Options / Care Net Pregnancy Center of Schuylkill County ​Jewel is a non-profit organization in Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania. Think you might be pregnant and unsure of your next steps? Jewel Women’s Center is here for you. Our pregnancy confirmation and support services are provided completely confidentially and at no cost to you. ​ ​ Kairos Prison Ministry First United Methodist Church supports Kairos Prison Ministry financially. Additionally, some of our members volunteer in Kairos, including ministering to inmates inside prison. Contact Doug O’Connell if you would like to help those who are incarcerated, or family members impacted by incarceration. Kairos Prison Ministry International (Kairos) is a Christian faith-based ministry which addresses the spiritual needs of incarcerated men, women, youth, and their families. By sharing the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, Kairos hopes to change hearts, transform lives and impact the world. Kairos has three ministry programs – Kairos Inside, Kairos Outside, and Kairos Torch. volunteers go into prisons to pray, share the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, share meals and fellowship with the incarcerated on a one-to-one basis. Christian volunteer teams of 20-30 men (for men’s prisons) and women (for women’s prisons) are well trained for the first visit which is a three-day event. On this weekend, the team teaches a short introductory course on Christianity. Subsequent visits are monthly 2-4 hour reunions with the prisoners over a twelve-month period. Kairos Inside ​ Kairos Outside provides spiritual healing for female family members of the incarcerated, who often feel that they too are "doing time". Female spouses, parents, and other relatives of prisoners meet with teams of Kairos volunteers to share their faith and gain strength from Christian community. ​ Kairos Torch is focused on juvenile offenders offering unconditional love and acceptance, encouraging young men and women to share their life journey through participation in a long-term mentoring process. The program begins with a weekend retreat inside the prison. Torch team members commit to a weekly mentoring process with the youthful offenders for six months after the weekend. ​ Currently there are nearby programs for women’s prisons (SCI Muncy), men’s prisons (SCI Chester and FCI Allenwood), and (Philadelphia area). If you are interested in volunteering or supporting this ministry, please contact Doug O’Connell. Kairos Inside Kairos Outside . Click here for a video on Kairos Changes Lives Click here for a 3-minute video on Kairos Outside: Revealing the love. Reuniting the family . . Click here for Kairos Prison Ministry - About Us . Click here for Kairos Prison Ministry - Frequently Asked Questions ​ ​ Schuylkill Women in Crisis ( ) Schuylkill Women in Crisis provides services to victims of domestic violence in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. In addition to assisting victims, this agency is working to confront the societal issues that contribute to this problem. While the agency provides services to all individuals regardless of gender, we acknowledge that women and children are most vulnerable to this problem. The mission of SWiC is to provide comprehensive services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence and their families while fostering social and systems change to eliminate personal and institutional violence against women. ​ ​ Local Emergency Services Fire companies Ambulance service ​ ​

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