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A single celebrity quote can speak volumes - sometimes about the culture and sometimes about the person saying it.  Are you ready for some revealing sound bites?  Remember, we're not endorsing these people or their work, just the notion that we can learn from their comments.  Check them out!


They Said It!



"That's kind of why I'm, like, here in Hollywood - to be a light, a testimony to say God can take someone from Nashville and make me this, but it's His will that made this happen."

"Hannah Montanna" star Miley Cyrus

(USA Today, 1/10/07)


 "Technology has brought us many [good things], but also problems.  Beauty is subject to its magical touch-ups.  What we see on magazine covers as the model of beauty isn't real.  I think that's very damaging.  Computers are doing a great job of [making] the normal population think that you have to look like celebrities to be valued."

pop singer Shakira

(Teen People, 5/06)


"The object of this competition is not to be mean to the losers but to find a winner.  The process makes you mean because you get frustrated.  Kids turn up unrehearsed, wearing the wrong clothes, singing out of tune and you can either say, 'Good job,' and patronize them or tell them the truth, and sometimes the truth is perceived as mean."

"American Idol" judge Simon Cowell

(, 1/07)


 "My parents encourage me getting through high school without being in a relationship, for that season in our lives to be as light-hearted and carefree as possible - even for us to grow in the Lord in that time."

christian singer & songwriter Bethany Dillon


"For a girl, whether you're in a relationship or not, it's easy to be intensely focused on the opposite sex and being attractive and interesting.  We're constantly thinking about it.  Train your mind and heart that Jesus is the only thing that's going to last.  I'm going to make sure I'm fed and hear Him clearly.  Then I'll recognize when that reflection of Him comes along, because I've been around the real thing enough to know."

christian singer & songwriter Bethany Dillon


"It's hard to say 'I forgive you' and make it real.  God has shown me to pray for those people I need to forgive.  Everything starts to change, and you see them with compassion.  God put it on my heart to pray for someone for five minutes every day and be faithful to that.  And it's important to do it even when you don't feel it.  Whether I feel like forgiving them or not, I'm going to do it.  I pray that at some point God will make my feelings match my mind's decision to forgive."

christian singer & songwriter Britt Nicole

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