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FUMC promotes participation in Small Groups as a way to meet other Christians, participate in shared interests, support each other's needs, and build lasting friendships in a one-on-one setting with limited attendance.

During the COVID-19 environment, we need the support of others and the ability to communicate with those of common interest. In the current environment, our Groups are in-person, virtual (highlighted in this listing), or blended (in-person and virtual).

If you would like to start a new Small Group, please contact the church office at 570.385.3941 for more information.

If you have an interest in joining one of the Groups below, contact the leader through the contact form below.

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small group opportunities_2020.02 #2.jpg



The books listed below have been reviewed by the Discipleship Council and are recommended for the Life in Action Groups to use as a guide in their mission to create disciples in response to Jesus' command in Matthew 28:19a.


These books are generally available at and through other providers.

Discipleship Plan Components


Component 1 - Experience God

a firm foundation.jpg

​"A Firm Foundation" by Wesleyan Covenant Association

Hope and Vision for a new Methodist Future

Alpha by Nicky Gumbel.jpg

"​Alpha Course" by Nicky Gumbel

Creating space to explore life, faith, and meaning


"Healing" by Francis MacNutt

Provides a context within which to understand healing

Component 2 - Follow the Lord Jesus

bible & folded hands (1).jpg

Daily Devotions

Component 3 - Share Life Together

the class meeting.jpg

"The Class Meeting" by Kevin M. Watson

A fresh new guide to the theory and practice of the Wesley class meeting

the band meeting.jpg

"The Band Meeting" by Kevin M. Watson & Scott Kisker

Demonstrates that the band meeting is not merely another church program

Component 4 - Serve the Body of Christ


"Healing" by Francis MacNutt

Provides a context within which to understand healing

Component 5 - Invest in Others

starfish movement.jpg

"The Starfish Movement" by Dan Grider

Shows how to fully engage with the original Movement that Jesus launched

(suggested reading for leaders of Small Groups)

crucial conversations.jpg

"Crucial Conversations" by Dan Grider

Draws our attention to those defining moments that literally shape our lives, our relationships, and our world

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