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Email our Youth Director to learn more! 

Middle School (Grades 5-8)


iGnite Youth Ministry exists to love God & love others. iGnite is geared for students in grades 5 through 8 who want to make a difference in their church, community, and world for Christ! 

The group is being led by:

  • Mrs. April Bergen

  • Mr. Don Bergen

  • Mr. David Williams

  • Mrs. Renee Williams

  • Ms. Stacey Lehman

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Youth in grades 5-8th are welcome to COME, GROW & GO with us!



…as we COME together to know Christ as our Lord & Savior by experiencing    fun-filled faith during our weekly  club meetings as we host

"a party with a purpose!"


Youth enjoy food, fun & friendship as we build stronger relationships with each other and Jesus.

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…as we GROW

in Christ by being  

youth who worship, study, pray, serve and fellowship together on our journey by sharing life, laughs & the love of Jesus!  


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…as we GO serve  by showing Christ through action, attitudes, words, and service by being

"For our Neighbors" throughout the year, where you can make a difference by helping to collect food for the hungry, showing compassion for animals at the local shelters, and spreading the Gospel through various outreach events.

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