Fear2Faith: A video series on current events, Bible prophecy, and faith.

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Dear Friend,

         A recent survey by the Joshua Fund revealed that 44% of all Americans are asking why this pandemic and other crises are happening. They are wondering whether this is either a wake-up call to return to God and the Bible, a sign of coming judgment, or both (Joshuafund.com). The survey covered a random sample of Americans, including atheists, agnostics, Jews, Muslims, and other religious groups. It showed that many people are searching the Bible and seeking online for spiritual answers in a way not seen for years.

         Are you asking any of these questions? Do you want to know if there is a God, if he cares about you, and how you can know him? Are you wondering if the Bible is trustworthy and might have the answers? Are you seeking hope and a sure future amidst the fear?

         To help with these questions, we at First UMC, Schuylkill Haven, have produced this series of messages on God, current events, biblical prophecy being fulfilled today, and the grounds for hope in Jesus Christ.  We invite you to check it out. We want to help you find a genuine relationship with God and give you sound reasons to trust in Jesus Christ amidst these crises.

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2020-06-14 Fearful Events and Great Sign
June 28 2020 - Sign of the Increase of W
2020-07-19 The Sign of Israel, Part I.pn
2020-07-26 The Sign of Israel, Part II.p
2020-08-02 The Sign of Israel, Part III.
2020-08-23 The Sign of Israel, Part IV.p
2020-08-30 The Sign of the Spread of the
2020-09-06 The Return of Christ.png