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FX is an abbreviation for FAMILY EXPERIENCE! 

 FX is designed to help us as the church partner with families. It is a fun, shared experience for families to come together for a purpose. It strategically places parents and kids in a world that helps both understand and live out essential truths. 

We often say, “What happens at home is even more important than what happens at church.” This means that our faith really isn’t a living faith until it is lived out in our daily lives. Our hope and goal is that FX provides practical ways to take what happens at church home with you so that it is relevant not just on Sunday mornings! 

We know that no one has more potential to influence a child than a parent but we also know that parents can’t do it alone so we as the church are working to partner with families to help build lifelong disciples for Jesus!

Our current Family eXperience (FX) offerings include... 

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Praise Packs are resources put together to help encourage engagement and participation from our kiddos during worship!


They are filled with things like kid friendly sermon notes, puzzles, word games, crayons, and fun little fidget toys! 


Praise Packs may be picked up and dropped off in the bin in the back of the Sanctuary.

Can’t make it to church this week? 

Sunday @ Home, part of our FX program, brings the excitement of Kid’s Discipleship into your own living room! 


Sunday @ Home makes discipleship easier than ever by adding fun to some of your typical family moments like waiting in the drop-off line, mealtime, or bedtime.


Simply click below for this week's Sunday @ Home experience! 

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Parents want a little more help?
Check out the Parent Cue Resources today! 

To learn more about children's ministry at FUMC of Schuylkill Haven,
please contact our Director of Children's Discipleship at 570-593-0303.