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Sculpture of the Lion & the Lamb with hidden symbolic carvings.



The sculpture of the Lion and the Lamb which is on display in the narthex of First United Methodist Church, Schuylkill Haven was given by an anonymous giver to the glory of God.


The inspiration for the form of the sculpture comes from two of the titles of Jesus Christ: “Lion of Judah” and “Lamb of God”. The hidden symbols carved on the statue as aspects of these two names can be discovered by the diligent viewer by carefully examining the work.


The statue was sculpted by Mr. Todd Gladfelter, whose wood-carving studio is in New Ringgold. His wood carvings of various animals and wildlife can be seen at various locations around Schuylkill County and beyond. Mr. Gladfelter used photos and paintings of the ‘lion and lamb’ motif with theological advice on Christian symbols from Pastor Fisher, as well as live goats from his own flock as help and inspiration for the form of the sculpture. It was completed in April-May, 2018 and dedicated to the glory of God on May 27, 2018.


The sculpture can be seen in the narthex of First United Methodist Church.

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