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    Weekly Announcements These announcements are from the weekly bulletin and/or bi-monthly newsletter. You will find here information on regular announcements (i.e., signing up for newsletters, online giving) to special events scheduled. Please take some time to review these announcements. Sunday Preaching Schedule (schedule may change without notice). Pastor Fisher preaching unless otherwise noted. ​ ​ ​ Theme: "Living in Peace in Anxious Times: Romans 12-15" ​ ​ ​ October 4 (Holy Communion) - "Christians Love in Practice" October 11 - "Submission to Governing Authorities" ​ October 18 - "The Importance of the Resurrection" (Doug O'Connell) October 25 - "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself" ​ ​ November 1 - All Saints Day with Holy Communion "Right Living When the Time is Short" October Communion Worldwide Communion November Communion Pastor's Discretionary Fund September is our Stewardship Drive Month We will be using October 11 as a commitment service. Please prayerfully consider your donation/tithe to the church. Feel free to use the prayers below to guide your focus. They come from by David Butts. Bring/send your pledge card back to the church by October 11th. Volunteers will call to help you complete your card if you need it. The Giving Church Click here for Prayers to guide your focus. We will continue to meet the second Tuesday of the month at 1:00 PM in Fellowship Hall in September and October unless otherwise announced. Our focus continues to be local mission work. All ladies are welcome. Please let us know of any ideas you have or issues that you would like more information. Methodist Women Events | Our own Ann Moyer will be our speaker that day, speaking on a smorgasbord of Women's Health topics - safety, health tips, nutrition in Fellowship Hall. Mask up! October 20 at 1:00 PM | Cookie Dough Fundraiser First Name Last Name Email Sugar Chocolate Chip Phone Oatmeal Craisin Submit Thanks for submitting! Prayer is such an important part of a church's life. FUMC offers many opportunities to strengthen your prayer life. Please check out our . We offer prayer groups, a prayer chain, an intercessory prayer group, and many other opportunities to kneel before our Lord and Savior and share your burdens and worship and praise. For what other great nation has God so near to it as the Lord our God is whenever we call to him? ~Deuteronomy 4:7 (NRSV) Prayer Opportunities | prayer ministry page Please remember to call the church office if you know of members in the hospital or if you are going to be in the hospital. A visit from our Pastor or visitation team can be arranged. Please continue to remember all those in the hospital, in mourning, and listed in the weekly bulletin in your prayers. Requests for Prayer | ​ Website Prayer Request Page: You may also submit a prayer request by accessing our prayer request page. Weekly Prayer Ministry | Wednesdays at 6 PM Our Prayer Ministry will also continue to run every day of the week with prayer partners meeting for one hour a day with a one-week-at-a time commitment. Please sign up in pairs to pray for one hour a day during your week for the Kingdom of God to come more fully in our church and our community and beyond. We will continue to promote the prayer team ministry on Sunday mornings with the prayer clipboard circulated periodically. Please join us as we seek God together! ​An Hour of Prayer and Praise on one Thursday night per month. Keep watch in the weekly bulletin, website, and/or Facebook page. Prayer & Praise Nights | These will restart after the Covid-19 pandemic. All are welcome!! Do you have a testimony? Do you have a testimony from your time of prayer? Has the Lord done something special in your life recently? Your testimony might really bless someone in the congregation. Please let Pastor Fisher or a member of the worship committee know. Worship committee members are Julie Saunders, Cindy McClelland, Ruth Noecker, and Dwight Dros. ​ We are excited to see what God is doing in our midst and where he is leading us as we continue to seek Him earnestly in prayer! He is answering!! Meetings are held in individual homes or they go out to eat. Please contact the Church Office at 570.385.3941 for dates and times. Women Encouraging Women (formerly the Widows Group) Our small groups are in full swing. If you are interested in sharing or updating your small group info, please contact the Church Office to advertise your Small Group, meeting time and focus of study. Check out our on the website for studies, times, and hosts. Small Group and/or Bible Studies | small group ministries page | Missions Committee Evangelism CD Jesus – Help in Times of Need Devotional CD John Fatora and Irene Tomchik published a CD a few years back that shares the message of Jesus Christ in the spirit of John Wesley. ​ It is the vision of the Missions Committee that this CD will be a continuation of the Discipleship process that we are pursuing as a church. We have been growing and training as disciples over the past few years and feel now is the season to begin moving beyond our church family into the community using this CD as a tool to help share the life of Christ with our neighbors and friends. ​ Copies are available for drive-by pickup under the carport; or ask your small group leader for copies to give to friends who are open to receive them. Click here if you would like to listen or download the CD. ​ If you have any questions, please contact the Church Office at 570.385.3941 or . Community Luncheon | October 10 at 12PM All are welcome to share this time of fellowship. If you would like to sponsor a Community Lunch, please contact the Church Office at 570.385.3941 for contact information regarding available dates. Men's Breakfast | October 17 at 8:00 AM For more information, please contact the Church Office at 570.385.3941. Health & Welfare Committee The purpose of this committee is to address the health and welfare of our church members and the surrounding community. In that role, we are offering face masks free of charge to those in need. Being made are masks for male adult, male teen, female adult, female teen, male child, or female child. ​ When you order, we will need your name, address to where to mail masks, telephone/cell phone number, and the count of how many of each size you need. If mailing masks is not desired, other arrangements may be made to get the masks to you. ​ Please contact Dot Murphy, Ann Moyer, Linda Olsen, Karen Shiffert, or the Church Office. Click the link for an article in , A Publication of the Health & Healing Council of the Eastern PA Conference of UMC. The publication has many articles; the front page article is called: The Wellspring Abundant Health in a World Changed by Coronavirus Health and Welfare Happenings Conference is postponed until 2021. ​Take-a-Break Caregiver As we work our way back to "normal", we have postponed the conference planned for this year until 2021. ​ Caregiver Support Group While the conference will not be held this year, we are continuing to establish the Caregiver Support Group. If you are interested to attend or participate, you may register on the website as you would to attend the conference. There is a separate red button at the bottom of the page that will take you to the Caregiver Support Group registration. Time & Place? Thursday evenings at FUMC. No time frame yet as to when "meetings" will start, or how frequently we will meet. We are still working with WebEx and may decide to use that until we are able to meet in person, and we may include video conferencing during live meetings for those who may not be able to attend in person. ​ As this support group becomes active, information about the date and time of our meetings will be listed on the website on the Resources page. Registration for the support group is open now. It will give you an automated response saying that your information has been received. We will get back to you using the contact information you provide to let you know when we will meet. ​ Fundraisers Fundraisers at restaurants have been canceled. We will participate again in the Boscov's Friends Helping Friends shopping passes when they become available. And we may have an in-church bake sale later in the year . ​ Boscov's Friends Helping Friends Shopping for 2020 For more information on the Boscov's Friends Helping Friends Shopping for 2020, . click here for a YouTube video by Mr. Jim Boscov ​ Kudos to Boscov’s for getting creative in addressing social distancing and all the requirements. They have made BIG CHANGES from previous years. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Boscov’s Friends Helping Friends is going contactless for 2020! They have implemented changes to allow us to raise funds for our organization while staying healthy and safe at home. They recognize the way we sold tickets in previous years is no longer possible, so they have simplified the event by eliminating selling tickets all together. ​ Here’s how it works… We must raise awareness of the event by sharing Boscov’s Friends Helping Friends event with friends, family, and supporters of the Caregiver Support Group. When these supporters shop with Boscov’s online or in-store they must pick our non-profit organization at checkout. After the Friends Helping Friends event concludes Boscov’s will write us a check for the amount our supporters raised. Please check back for more information from Karen, the organizer for the Caregiver Support Group. is open to new participants. This group is for those giving the care and may be a place to talk freely about things that might not be comfortable to share with the care receiver present. Take a Break Caregiver Support Group ​ Come share your stories, worries, solutions, good days, bad days, all this and more. Fellow caregivers may learn from you or be able to help and support you wherever you are in the care-giving journey. ​ If you or the patient live outside Schuylkill County, PA, you may still join us. With cell phones, chat rooms, video conference, etc., this group may be available to those who would not be able to leave the patient to attend a physical meeting at a cafe or church. That does not mean we won't meet for coffee, but it may not be the ONLY way to meet. ​Topics that may be discussed: Legal, financial, medical responsibility Respite, finding help Resources Family not helping Patient died and I am lost Encouragement, support ​There may be speakers on various topics, to be announced. Led by Karen Shiffert, Certified Caregiver Facilitator, took are of her husband who had Parkinson's Disease. He passed in 2013. Karen has a heart for caregivers needing information and support. Karen also orchestrates the annual Take A Break Caregiver Conference. ​ Sponsored by: First United Methodist Church, 420 Saylor Street, Schuylkill Haven, PA. ​ There is no cost to attend or participate. ​ Meetings may be through video meetings, old-fashioned telephone/cell phone, or at a physical location. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Visit to register. Click the at the bottom of the page to get to the registration form. (Your information will not be shared.) red button Coffee continues on Sunday mornings. With the addition of a Fellowship Brunch on the 4th Sunday of the month, coffee will still be served on those days but only briefly as we wait until brunch is served. Karen Shiffert, Nancy and Pastor Mike Smith, Earl Daubenspeck, and I'm sure others as well, have been helping in the kitchen and are considered the coffee servers on a Sunday morning. ​ The need for Sunday "goodies" is unpredictable at best. At times there are leftovers from the monthly luncheons or other church activities. If you are interested in providing Sunday goodies, we welcome your contributions. If we have too much (with our appetites how could that be?!) we may freeze the excess for the following week. The goodies provided may be sweets like cookies or cakes, or a fruit that won't be too messy to eat in the hall or Sunday school room. ​ If you want to share a celebration, call Karen to reserve that special Sunday so no other desserts will be assigned to that day. We have had anniversaries, birthdays, and church-related events that provided their own cake or other treats to share. ​ After getting your coffee, at the end of the counter you will see a basket marked "donations". There is a clip board signup sheet with the Sundays listed that you may sign up to bring baked goods. You can donate with the weekly collection designating it for "coffee". You may purchase and bring canisters of regular or decaf coffee, individually wrapped tea bags, hot chocolate, coffee creamer, sugar packets, or other items that may be used to serve the coffee. Coffee creamer is a never-ending NEED. Goodies or not, we can still share a cup of coffee if everyone contributes whatever they are able. ​ Please join us Sunday mornings for coffee and fellowship after the service. Your contributions make the coffee even sweeter in sharing. ​ If you have any questions or not sure what to bring, contact Karen Shiffert or the Church Office. Prayer Shawl Ministry Update Since 2011, this ministry has gifted 171 prayer shawls to men and women in need of prayer within and outside our church walls. Prayers are lifted over the shawls before gifted and often while in the process of being created. ​ Can you knit or crochet? We could use your help. Would you consider creating a shawl for the church's prayer shawl ministry to gift to others in need of prayer? Please help us keep our shawl inventory plentiful. We need the talents of you, the church family, to help keep the closet full. It doesn't matter if it's one shawl or many; any will be appreciated and in being a blessing to another, you will also be blessed in return. If you are interested in this ministry, there are two ways to help: Let us know of a need through contact Donna Miles, Linda Wagner, or the Church Office Crochet or knit a prayer shawl wrap of any color or style. The rectangular shape measuring 15-18 inches wide by 5-1/2-6-1/2 feet long makes a comfortable wrap. Some donated yarn is available for your creation. ​ We thank all who have created beautiful prayer shawl wraps through the years. Some folks have been thanked personally while others donated anonymously and with this note, we thank you so much. There are no church funds used for this ministry. These wraps are a gift from the heart and the blessings are many from the first stitch of the giver to the gentle touch of the receiver. ​ For more information, please contact Linda Wagner, Donna Miles, or the Church Office. Thank you very much for supporting this wonderful outreach of our church and her ministries. There are times when things are not going well for each of us, perhaps we ourselves are sick, perhaps there are loved ones who are sick or hurting, maybe there is a family emergency or crisis, during these times you don't need to be alone. Our Pastors, Minister of Visitation, or even our Lay Leader would be very happy to come and visit with you. Before you reach a place where you feel alone and that no one cares, please call the Church Office and let the office staff know that you are in need of a visit. The message will be passed along quietly to the Pastors and a time for a personal visit can be arranged. Others of us tend to prefer to weather these times quietly and by ourselves; if that is you, please be aware that there is a Prayer Ministry team that is willing to intercede and pray for you. You can access the Prayer Ministry through the website, by calling the church office, or . prayer chain Most importantly, remember that you have a church family that is willing to walk along side of you at all times. Also, please know that you don't need to be a Pastor or Lay Leader to visit and care for your Brothers and Sisters in Christ. You can visit our homebound members. If you enjoy getting to know new people and would like to spend some time with members of our First Church family that can no longer make it to church on a Sunday morning, please call the Church office or simply put a note in the offering plate and someone will contact you. Thank you for taking the time to spend a few minutes sharing the love of Jesus with our members who can no longer come to church! Did you know…? FUMC saves Redner’s receipts Do you shop at Redner’s? If so, do you have a Save‑A‑Tape /Pump Perks/Rewards Card? FUMC participates in the Redner’s 1% Save‑A‑Tape program. Remember to use your Redner’s Save‑A‑Tape /Pump Perks/Rewards Card and put your entire receipt in the plastic containers on the table in the narthex marked Redner’s receipts. By using your rewards card each time you purchase merchandise (excludes, fuel purchases and items controlled by the federal or state government such as tax, milk, and tobacco products) at Redner’s Warehouse Markets, your receipt will be designated as a 1% Save‑A‑Tape customer receipt with a Save‑A‑Tape total printed on the receipt. Receipts that have been highlighted or written on are not eligible, so please do not mark or circle the receipts. Participating in the 1% Save‑A‑Tape program does not exclude your ability to receive gas points, etc. If you don’t already have a rewards card, you can pick one up at any Redner’s locations. The card is free and you DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION to receive the card. Your name is not on any mailing list if you request a card. Our church gets 1% of the total of all receipts. For example, if the receipts total $5,000, we would get $50 to be divided between Christian Ed and the Youth Group. Please consider participating in this easy program. Check out the Concert/Event/Movie Release Information/Schedule Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, please check with the Event Coordinator/Host Site for details of events happening or canceled. Thank you. ​ Christian Concerts | You can check out the current newsletter for concerts at local theaters and churches. Check out the following websites for updates on upcoming Christian Concerts throughout the area: ​ Coleman Park - Music in the Park (Lebanon PA) All concerts are from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm; a free-will offering is taken. Check the website for the musicians. ( ) Santander Arena, Reading PA ~ ​ Giant Center, Hershey PA POSTPONED | For King and Country ​ Bryce Jordan Center, University Park, PA ~ Christian Concert Alerts ​This is a website that lists upcoming Christian concerts. Creationfest Concerts This is a website that lists upcoming Christian concerts. POSTPONED til 2021 | Creation Festival Northeast This is a website that posts upcoming Christian concerts. ​ IMC Concerts ​ Miscellaneous Concerts ​ October 10 | Gaither Vocal Band | Christian Life Assembly, Camp Hill PA ( ) October 11 | Sidewalk Prophets | Boyertown Middle School East, Gilbertsville PA ( ) October 18 | Sidewalk Prophets | The Junction Center, Manheim PA ( ) ​ Sight & Sound Production Click here for more information, links to which theaters and showing times. ​ Faith Night at The Movies at the Hamburg Strand Every 4th Tuesday of the month (unless a holiday falls on that week) Tickets are $8 and the movie starts at 7 pm. Soda and popcorn are included. Discussion will be held before and after the movie. To be announced

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    High School (Grades 9-12) Senior High Club is geared for students in grades 9 through 12. Our Senior High students are truly world changers who are hungry and thirsty for more of God and long for authentic relationships with other young believers in Jesus Christ. ​ Pastor Fisher leads the Senior High Club In the interim of determining the needs and searching for a new Youth Ministry Director, Pastor Fisher will be leading the Senior High Club along with a team of adults including: Mrs. Carolyn Catranis Mrs. Joann Daum

  • Youth - High School Schedule | First United Methodist Church

    Schedule NOTE: We reside in the Schuylkill Haven School District so in the event that the Haven schools are canceled because of winter weather conditions, our Youth Group meetings (whether it be on a Sunday or Wednesday) will be canceled as well. At the same time, in the event that prior to our Youth Group meetings (whether it be on a Sunday or Wednesday) the weather conditions become unsafe or too slippery to drive, we will cancel our meetings. In the event of the need to cancel, information will be communicated to you via Facebook. ​ October 4 at 6:30-9:00 PM - Christian Skate Night at the Roller Roost $6/person entry includes unlimited laser tag ​

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    ​"Our mission is to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world." ​ Welcome in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! We're glad to have you come by to check out our website. We are a Bible-believing congregation that loves the Lord and has a heart for missions. We are excited to share with you the love of Christ and power of the Gospel. May the Lord richly bless you. Sunday Morning Worship Live Stream Sermon Title for September 27, 2020 "Love in Action" Speaker: Rev. Dr. Christopher Fisher ​ Order of Worship Online Giving Worship Service Videos Archive Clicking the link above, you will go to the LiveStream page. You will see a block similar to this in the upper left corner of the video window. If you click the down arrow, you will be able to access previous weeks' messages. More information found at . Are you going through a difficult time? Are you worried, sick, lonely, down-and-out? For over two thousand years, Christians around the world have depended on Jesus to help them get through the tough times. This podcast will explain how to live a victorious life now and throughout eternity by relying on the power of Jesus Christ.

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    Middle School (Grades 5-8) Ignite is geared for students in grades 5 through 8. Ignite students are planning to be youth ambassadors for Christ! Youth in grades 5 through 8 are invited to participate as well as loving leaders who want to make a difference in our church, community, and world! ​ The group is being led by: Mrs. April Bergen Mr. Don Bergen Mr. David Williams Mrs. Renee Williams Exists to Love God & Love Others …as we COME together to know Christ as our Lord & Savoir …as we GROW in Christ by being disciples who worship, study, pray, serve and fellowship together on our journey …as we GO serve our neighbors by showing Christ through action, attitudes, words, and service as we are the hands and feet of Christ wherever He leads us! Youth in grades 5-8th are welcome to COME, GROW & GO with us! ​ We invite you to experience fun-filled faith with us by participating in our… ​ …weekly club meetings called “Wacky Wednesdays” in which our youth serve as Christ’s ambassadors to their peers as we host “a party with a purpose!” ​ Youth enjoy food, fun & friendship as we build stronger relationships with each other and Jesus. ​ …monthly “Pizza Posse,” where we have food (pizza of course!) and fellowship together as we dive deeper by sharing life, laughs, and Jesus’ love. Fun-raising Opportunities! ​ …"For our Neighbors" projects throughout the year, where you can make a difference by helping to collect food for the hungry, showing compassion for animals at the local shelters, and spreading the Gospel through various outreach events. ​ Ignite helps to "TACKLE HUNGER". Ignite helps to "TACKLE HUNGER" on Superbowl Sunday by hosting a food drive at Boyer's in Schuylkill Haven and Redner's Markets. While the group is small, they are working mightily for Jesus! With just two locations and two hours, the group was able to collect over 500 items to be dispersed and donated to the Haven Food Pantry, Servants to All Ministries in Pottsville, and Christ Church in McKeansburg's Soup Kitchen.​

  • Youth - Middle School Schedule | First United Methodist Church

    Schedule NOTE: We reside in the Schuylkill Haven School District so in the event that the Haven schools are canceled because of winter weather conditions, our Youth Group meetings (whether it be on a Sunday or Wednesday) will be canceled as well. At the same time, in the event that prior to our Youth Group meetings (whether it be on a Sunday or Wednesday) the weather conditions become unsafe or too slippery to drive, we will cancel our meetings. In the event of the need to cancel, information will be communicated to you via Facebook.

  • Community Relations & Outreach Events | First United Methodist Church

    Community Relations & Outreach ​The purpose of our Community Relations and Outreach Ministry is to reach those who are outside the walls of our church with the message and the love of Jesus Christ. We do this by providing opportunities to minister to all we meet. We are blessed to be able to serve in the mission field in our community as we partner with local organizations and communities to build relationships and provide opportunities to share God’s love and plan of salvation. Our vision is simple - to love God and love our neighbors! ​ Click on the images below to find details about upcoming events! ​

  • FX | havenfirstumc

    Welcome to Sundays @ 11:00 am Bubeck Park (weather permitting, bring a lawn chair) Sounds intriguing but what exactly is a FX service you ask? Well…it consists of worship and the word. Simply put, this exciting worship service is designed to be fun with a purpose and is geared for Everyone! We know that no one has more potential to influence a child than a parent but we also know that parents can’t do it alone so we as the church are working to partner with families to help build lifelong disciples for Jesus! What's happening this week at Haven FX... ​ Check out for tons of family resources! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Parents want a little more help? Check out the Parent Cue Resources today! ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Check out this month's worship playlist on YouTube:

  • Serving This Week | First United Methodist Church

    Serving this week... Call to Worship ​ Liturgist ​ Prayer ​ Pianist Music Team ​ Special Music ​ ​ Parish Nurse Media Team Ann Moyer ​ Ann Moyer ​ Lisi Fisher ​ Cindy McClelland ​ Julie Saunders, Carolyn Catranis, Barb Katkowski, and Tom McClelland ​ Arielle Dros ​ ​ Ann Moyer ​ Don Bergen, Josh and Jacob McClelland, Dave, Anakin & Renee Williams Flowers... ​ September 27 ​ ​ October 4 October 11 October 18 ​ October 25 ​ In memory of Clifford Boyer, by Linda (daughter), Gary (son-in-law) & Steve (grandson ​ In memory of my lovely wife, Gaynell M. Smith by David R. Smith In loving memory of Dr. Michael Lado, by Nancy In memory of Sadie Heiser, by Mary Kutz (daughter) Happy Birthday, Eva Fisher In memory of my mother, Amy A. Rountree, by David R. Smith ​ If so, please contact the Church Office or sign-up on the 2020 Flower Calendar Poster on the bulletin board near Fellowship Hall. If the date you had in mind is already taken, please let the Church Office know as we are able to have two sponsors each Sunday. The flowers are yours to take home after the service(s). The cost is $20; checks payable to First United Methodist Church with the words "Altar Flowers" in the memo section of your check. Thank you for honoring or remembering a loved one with flowers. ​​​Are you interested in sponsoring the altar flowers for a Sunday morning? Weekly Prayer Vigil... ​ September 20-26 September 27-October 3 October 4-10 ​ Mike & Joanne Forbes Dolores Morgan and Evelyn Jones Chris & Lisi Fisher Saturday Night Speakers... ​ September 26 ​ October 3 October 10 October 17 October 24 October 31 In the event of inclement weather, please call the Church Office to inquire about service cancellation. ​ Moffette & Mary Tharpe ​ Pastor Chris Fisher Open Open Brian Reading Open

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    FUMC WORSHIP LIVE-STREAM Our prayer is that each of these messages will touch and bless each of you in some way. ​ Sermon Title for September 27, 2020 "Love in Action" Speaker: Rev. Dr. Christopher Fisher ​ Order of Worship Online Giving Also Available On:

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