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    ALTON George 18 Schumacher Avenue Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 ​P: 570.385.5182 E: BALDWIN Richard, Laura 113 Albert Boulevard Pottsville PA 17901 ​P: 570.385.4969 E: BARNES Justin, Talisha, Andre, Jeremiah Minersville PA 17954 ​P: E: BARNES Robert, Tracey 523 Church Street New Ringgold PA ​P: 570.943.4010 E: BAUM Barry, Judith 51 Hawk Lane Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 ​P: 570.385.1906 E: BAYLIFF Kevin, Patricia, J. Austin, Elizabeth 205 Pine Crest Village Drive Pine Grove PA 17963 ​P: E: BEDWAY Paul Jr., Kim 1003 Ridgeview Drive Orwigsburg PA 17961 ​P: 570.366.0427 E: BEDWAY Randy, Tanya, Ryan, Brady, Lauryn 104 Country View Drive Orwigsburg PA 17961 ​P: 570.366.0742 E: BEERS Darlene 516 West Columbia Street Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 ​P: 610.781.6644 E: BENNER John, Christine 103 Cedar Crest Court Orwigsburg PA 17961 ​P: E: BERGEN Don, April, Matthew & Katie 50 White Dog Drive Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 ​P: 570.739.1606 E: BERGER Jeff, Michele 125 Deer Trail Drive Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 ​P: 570.385.4576 E: BERGER Marvin, Sandy 207 Avenue A Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 ​P: 570.385.0648 E: BERGER Mudge, Elaine 429 West Columbia Street Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 ​P: 570.385.3342 E: BERGER Rick, Sandi, Calli 109 Avenue A Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 ​P: 570.385.0743 E: BOHLER Kendra 722 Mahantongo Street Pottsville PA 17901 ​P: E: BRACHMAN Patricia 632 Willow Road Deer Lake PA 17961 ​P: 570.366.0249 E: BRADY Timothy, Barbara 5 Zerbe Street Cressona PA 17929 P: 570.385.0573 E: BRAEUNIG Kalen, Lauren, Serai 4919 Janelle Drive Harrisburg PA 17112 P: 571.409.0722 E: BREISCH Ken, Theresa 1944 Long Run Road Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.385.2812 E: BRENSINGER Randy, Gloria 103 Roosevelt Street Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.593.8940 E: BRIDGES Matheau, Kaden 717 Lytle Street Minersville PA 17954 P: 570.691.4207 E: BRINK Glen, Vickie 1656 Wampum Drive Auburn PA 17922 P: 570.739.2056 E: BROWN Robert E., Dottie 2 Hurst Road Womelsdorf PA 19567 P: E: BUBECK Richard 415 Marshall Drive Orwigsburg PA 17961 P: E: BYRON Robert, Shirley 2101 Acorn Court Lebanon PA 17042 P: 717.306.4316 E: CALLAGHAN Brian, Terri 57 Windy Lane Pine Grove PA 17963 P: 570.345.6626 E: CARL Christopher, Tara, Emmaleigh Rae, Caiden Kenneth 263 Harvey Drive Pine Grove PA 17963 P: 834.276.5593 E: CATRANIS Ted, Carolyn 400 May Drive Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.640.0031 E: CHALLENGER Bret, Elizabeth, Dan, Christie 14 Rolling View Drive Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.739.0992 E: CLAY Charles, Carole 217 East Liberty Street Schuylkill Haven P 17972 P: 570.385.4830 E: CLAY Hope 71 River Street Cressona PA 17929 P: 570.385.2375 E: CONNORS Marga 118 Center Avenue Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.385.4908 E: DALEY John, Kelly, Eric Freeman 40 James Road Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.739.4177 E: DAUKAUS Joe, Lisa, Michele, Becca, Abby 327 Cherry Street Minersville PA 17954 P: 570.544.3979 E: DAUM Gary, JoAnn 234 Overlook Terrace Orwigsburg PA 17961 P: 570.366.0972 E: DEVINE Sharon 147 Wylom Street Frackville PA 17931 P: E: DOTTERER James 304 North 11th Street Pottsville PA 17901 P: 570.516.6767 E: DROS Dwight, Cindy, Amber, Amaris, Arielle 46 North 4th Street Cressona PA 17929 P: 570.593.8448 E: DRUST Jolene, Emily 208 West Second Mountain Road Pottsville PA 17901 P: E: DUNKLING WW, Jan 2107 Running Deer Drive Auburn PA 17922 P: 570.739.1529 E: EIFERT Jim 423 Naffin Avenue Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.385.1300 E: EMBURY Duane, Mary Lou 120 North Franklin Street Orwigsburg PA 17961 P: 570.789.1718 E: EMERICH Shirley 36 Cedar Street Cressona PA 17929 P: 570.385.3498 E: ESPOSITO Douglas, Debra 1365 Schuylkill Mountain Road Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.385.3527 E: EVANS Bert, Josette 695 Ridge Road Orwigsburg PA 17961 P: 570.366.0416 E: FATORA John, Patti 2169 Woodglen Road Pottsville PA 17901 P: 570.628.5429 E: FAUSNAUGH Madalyn, Layla Watkins, Bryce, Mason A: P: E: FAUSNAUGH Ryan 30 Center Avenue Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 484.345.9014 E: FAUST Jeffrey, Lori 284 Moonhill Drive Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.739.0901 E: FAUST Kaitlyn 515 Schuylkill Street Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.385.8277 E: FISHER Chris, Lisi, Luke, Mercy, Raquel, Eva 2484 Panther Valley Road Pottsville PA 17901 P: 570.385.2199 E: FISHER Greg, Dawn 11 Jackson Road Pottsville PA 17901 P: 570.622.1669 E: FORBES Michael, Joanne 3 Allenwood Drive Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.294.6285 E: FRANK Bradley, Rebecca, Braden, Sara 1632 Lightfoot Drive Auburn PA 17922 P: 717.377.2165 E: GEARY Carl Buffalo Valley Lutheran Village Room 257 189 East Tressler Boulevard Lewisburg PA 17837 P: 570.739.2526 E: GEHRING Rodger, Lisa, Preston 137 West Columbia Street Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.622.0927 E: GICKING Eleanor 216 West Independence Street, Apt. 108 Orwigsburg PA 17961 P: 570.573.5622 E: GLUNZ Jim, Connie 16 New Philadelphia Road Orwigsburg PA 17961 P: 570.943.7696 E: GRABOWSKI Michael, Audra, Noah, Savannah 25 Lake Street Pottsville PA 17901 P: 570.385.3111 E: GRATE Kathi 2487 Summer Valley Road New Ringgold PA 17960 P: 570.691.7719 E: HACKMAN Dallas, Kathleen, Dallas, Cassandra 62 Red Horse Road Pottsville PA 17901 P: 570.628.9095 E: HAMILTON Christopher, Valerie 1532 Chestnut Street Orwigsburg PA 17961 P: E: HAWLEY Dr. Richard, Bonnie 625 East Union Street Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.385.4651 E: HEFFNER Lora 278 Navajo Drive Auburn PA 17922 P: 570.739.1349 E: HEFFNER Richard, Carole 54 North Berne Street Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.385.3100 E: HELWIG Randall, Eileen, Elizabeth, Sarah 609 Orchard Avenue Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.385.3403 E: HESS Duane, Madison, Avaree 7 Longview Drive Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: E: HOFFMAN David, Melissa, Erika, Alec 57 Avenue C Schuylkill Have PA 17972 P: 570.385.1452 E: HOLZER Bob, Kim 349 First Street Port Carbon PA 17965 P: E: HOUSEL Ray, Dawn, Taylor (NP), Tabby (NP), Jason (NP), Faith 752 East Norwegian Street Pottsville PA 17901 P: 570.205.5233 E: HUDOCK Brian, Marcy, Grace Joelle, Elijah, Delaney, Brianna, Connor, Nicole (NP) 205 North Second Street Minersville PA 17954 P: 570.544.4195 E: HUMMEL Corey, Amy, Connor, Carson 16 Jack & Jill Drive Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 717.805.6518 E: Inama Paul, Gerri 24 Roedersville Road Pine Grove PA 17963 P: 570.345.3287 E: JONES Lou, Evelyn 208 Lantern Green Way Orwigsburg PA 17961 P: 570.968.4687 E: KATKOWSKI Joseph, Barbara 601 Stoney Run Road Pottsville PA 17901 P: 570.575.4159 E: KAUFMAN Jon, Jill, Esther PO Box 440 Centre Hall PA 16828 P: 570.640.7929 E: KAUTERMAN Dale 31 St. John Street, PO Box 123 Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.385.1253 E: KEMPES Bob, Claire 886 Cressona Road Pottsville PA 17901 P: 570.622.8284 E: KETNER Faye 611 Orchard Avenue Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.385.3412 E: KETNER Thomas, Jr. 611 Orchard Avenue Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.385.3412 E: KNAUF Jeffrey 115 Avenue C Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.385.2864 E: KNAUF William, Linda 231 Paxson Avenue Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.385.2144 E: KOCH Kathy A: P: 570.385.4806 E: KOCH Marilyn Manor Care Pottsville PA 17901 P: E: KRAFT Adam 31 St. John Street, 1st Floor Schuylkill Haven PA 17972 P: 570.617.6239 E: X X X P: E: X X X P: E: X X X P: E: X X X P: E: X X X P: E: X X X P: E: X X X P: E: X X X P: E:

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    SMALL GROUPS (UPDATED 10/16/21) FUMC promotes participation in Small Groups as a way to meet other Christians, participate in shared interests, support each other's needs, and build lasting friendships in a one-on-one setting with limited attendance. ​ During the COVID-19 environment, we need the support of others and the ability to communicate with those of common interest. In the current environment, our Groups are in-person, virtual ( highlighted in this listing ), or blended (in-person and virtual ). ​ ​If you have an interest in joining one of the groups below, contact the leader directly or if assistance is needed, contact . If Group Leaders need to change their meeting information, contact with updates. Life in Action Groups Our interest is in following Jesus' command to "go and make disciples". We study and practice within our Group and then go out into the community to make disciples. Recommended readings for this group are listed at the bottom of this page.​ ​ Sundays Led by: Doug O'Connell Study Book: Experiencing God Where: Church Frequency: Weekly, following worship service ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mondays Led by: Ellen Marino Study Book: Experiencing God Where: Church Frequency: Weekly, 10:00 AM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tuesdays ​Led by: Ann Moyer & Nancy Kraft Study Book: Experiencing God Where: Church Frequency: Weekly, 3:00 PM ​ Led by: JoAnn Daum Study Book: Experiencing God Where: Church Frequency: Weekly, 3:00 PM ​ Led by: Kim Rose Study Book: Experiencing God Where: Church Frequency: Weekly, 6:00 PM ​ Led by: Dave Williams Study Book: Experiencing God (starting Oct. 26) Where: Virtual (Google Meet) Frequency: Weekly, 7:00 PM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thursdays Led by: Eydie Reed Study Book: Experiencing God Where: Home and Virtual (WebEx) Frequency: Weekly, 10:00 AM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fridays Led by: Mary & Moffette Tharpe Studying: Bible Studies/Book Studies Where: Home Frequency: Every other week, 6:30 PM Encouragement & Accountability Groups We are smaller groups which meet regularly to support and encourage each other in our walk of faith.​ ​ Tuesdays Led by: Doug O'Connell Where: Men's meeting at Manheim Diner Frequency: Weekly, 6:30 AM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturdays Led by: Wanda Langley ​Where: Varies Frequency: Weekly, 8:00 AM (temporarily filled) Bible Study Groups Our interest is in-depth study of books of the Bible to better understand its teachings.​ ​ Sundays Led by: Tom Reed Studying: Genesis ​ Where: Church Frequency: Weekly, following worship service ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tuesdays Led by: Karen Shiffert Studying: Psalms Where: Seton Manor Frequency: weekly, 10:00 AM (presently for residents only until COVID restrictions lift) ​ Led by: Doug & Deb Esposito Studying: Life of Joseph in Genesis; "Detours" by Tony Evans ​ Where: Y's Home Frequency: Weekly, 6:30 PM (filled) ​ Led by: Bonnie Hawley Studying: Old Testament ​ Where: Home Frequency: Weekly, 7:00 PM (filled) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wednesdays Led by: Ellen Marino Studying: Daniel ​ Where: Church Frequency: Weekly, 10:00 AM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thursdays Led by: Gerri Inama Studying: Genesis Where: Home Frequency: Weekly, 6:00 PM ​ Led by: Doug O'Connell Studying: John Where: Church Frequency: Weekly, 7:00 PM ​ Focused Groups We have a variety of Small Groups with specialized interests.​ ​ ​ Sundays Led by: Type: Alpha Course Class Where: Church Frequency: As needed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wednesdays Led by: Pastor Chris Fisher Type: Wednesday Night Prayer Group Where: Church Sanctuary Frequency: Weekly, 6:00 PM ​ Thursdays Led by: Karen Shiffert Type: Caregivers Support Group (starting Nov. 4) Where: Meadowbrook Center Frequency: Weekly, 2:00 PM ​ Led by: Wanda Langley Meal & Chat: Women encouraging women Where: Church Frequency: (pending) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturdays Led by: Don Bergen Type: Men's Breakfast Video Series, "Truth. Love. Together." Where: Church Fellowship Hall & Virtual (WebEx) Frequency: Third Saturday of each month, 8:00 AM ​ Coming in 2022: Led by: Stacey Lehman and Matheau Bridges Type: Celebrate Recovery Where: Church Frequency: (pending) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ If you would like to start a new Small Group, please contact the FUMC church office at 570.385.3941 for more information. LIFE IN ACTION GROUPS RECOMMENDED READINGS (UPDATED 09/17/2021) The books listed below have been reviewed by the Discipleship Council and are recommended for the Life in Action Groups to use as a guide in their mission to create disciples in response to Jesus' command in Matthew 28:19a. These books are generally available at and through other providers. Discipleship Plan Components Component 1 - Experience God (visual overview of the FUMC discipleship process) ​"A Firm Foundation" by Wesleyan Covenant Association Hope and Vision for a new Methodist Future "​Alpha Course" by Nicky Gumbel Creating space to explore life, faith, and meaning "Healing" by Francis MacNutt Provides a context within which to understand healing ​Component 2 - Follow the Lord Jesus Daily Devotions "Experiencing God" by Claude King, Henry Blackaby, and Richard Blackaby Carefully listening to God's voice will anchor you in His plan and set you free to live it with boldness and freedom. Component 3 - Share Life Together "The Class Meeting" by Kevin M. Watson A fresh new guide to the theory and practice of the Wesley class meeting "The Band Meeting" by Kevin M. Watson & Scott T. Kisker Demonstrates that the band meeting is not merely another church program ​Component 4 - Serve the Body of Christ "Healing" by Francis MacNutt Provides a context within which to understand healing ​Component 5 - Invest in Others "The Starfish Movement" by Dan Grider Shows how to fully engage with the original Movement that Jesus launched (suggested reading for leaders of Small Groups) "Crucial Conversations" by Dan Grider Draws our attention to those defining moments that literally shape our lives, our relationships, and our world "God Space" by Doug Pollock Naturally create room - God Space - for spiritual conversations to happen in your everyday life

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    Out of gallery ​"Our mission is to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world." ​ Welcome in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! We're glad to have you come by to check out our website. We are a Bible-believing congregation that loves the Lord and has a heart for missions. We are excited to share with you the love of Christ and power of the Gospel. May the Lord richly bless you. Sunday Morning Worship Live Stream Sunday, October 17, 2021 - Laity Sunday Message: "Discipline and Discipleship" Speaker: Mr. Gary Daum Order of Worship Online Giving Worship Service Videos Archive Clicking the link above, you will go to the LiveStream page. You will see a block similar to this in the upper left corner of the video window. If you click the down arrow, you will be able to access previous weeks' messages. Check out our Podcasts!! Our church now has a podcast that will make Pastor Fisher's sermons available. Our podcast is called, "Igniting Your Faith," and can be found on many of your favorite podcast sites such as Spotify, Apple, Anchor, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Pocket, Radio Public, TuneIn, and Pandora. You can listen to Pastor's sermons at any time, and download them for future listening. Go to any of the podcast sites and type "Igniting Your Faith" in the search area and you should find it. There will be a picture of our altar window to help you find it. Or you can click this link and it will take you to our new page "Igniting Your Faith" and find links that you can use as well. Season One will start with March 7th of this year, but we will quickly upload more sermons to get up to date. Spread the word. Let's grow in God's Word by Igniting our Faith. A NEW 2-YEAR BIBLE READING PLAN Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Pastor Fisher is recommending a new Bible reading plan, a through-the-Bible in 2-years plan because the readings are shorter each day, and the schedule includes one day off each week which can be encouraging for those folks who have tried the one year plans and gave up when they fell too far behind or the readings were too long. The plan is available through the "YouVersion" Bible app on a iPhone/iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, or through the website. If you would like to be a part of the group Pastor Fisher is coordinating, please send an email to Pastor Fisher at , and he will be in touch or will send you an invite. You may need to install the app first on your phone or computer and sign into the app before he can send you an invite. Here is a link to download the app: . We would love to see you in the group, which includes opportunity to comment at the end of each day’s reading in a space where everyone’s comments are shared. Whether you join this particular plan or not, we encourage you if you are not already doing so to get into a daily Bible reading and devotions habit. There is nothing like studying the Word of God and talking to him daily to help you grow in your relationship with Him and experience his blessings. Are you going through a difficult time? Are you worried, sick, lonely, down-and-out? For over two thousand years, Christians around the world have depended on Jesus to help them get through the tough times. This podcast will explain how to live a victorious life now and throughout eternity by relying on the power of Jesus Christ.

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    The information on this calendar is generally based on the information in the newsletter and Sunday bulletins. Therefore, this information is subject to change and may not be reflected within the calendar if changes are made by event organizers without notification to the Church Office. If you see any discrepancies and would like the information updated or have a new item to be submitted for the calendar, please contact the Webmaster .

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    FUMC WORSHIP LIVE-STREAM Our prayer is that each of these messages will touch and bless each of you in some way. ​ ​ Sunday, October 17, 2021 - Laity Sunday Message: "Discipline and Discipleship" Speaker: Mr. Gary Daum Order of Worship Online Giving Also Available On:

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    Weekly Announcements These announcements are from the weekly bulletin and/or bi-monthly newsletter. You will find here information on regular announcements (i.e., signing up for newsletters, online giving) to special events scheduled. Please take some time to review these announcements. Sunday Preaching Schedule (schedule may change without notice). Pastor Fisher preaching unless otherwise noted. November Communion TBA Pastor Christopher Fisher ​ October 17 - "Discipline and Discipleship" (Laity Sunday - Gary Daum preaching) October 24 - "Exodus 40: The Glory of the Lord in the Tabernacle" October 31 - "Leviticus 10: A Scary Story about Holiness for All Hallows Eve" Anniversary Sunday | November 14 We will be having a Hymn Sing as our service for Anniversary Sunday. Because of our streaming license, we must ensure that song choices are covered under our current licenses and prepare the slides; therefore, please submit choices by Sunday, October 31st. There are several ways to submit your choices: A paper copy will be provided in the weekly bulletins and in the upcoming newsletter. If you have a cell phone, you can scan the QR code (bottom right corner of image to the left) and complete the form. The announcement is on the church Facebook page as well to access the QR code. Click this link and a form will open; complete and submit: . Congregational Meetings to Prepare for the Future of United Methodism In light of the high probability there will be a split in the United Methodist denomination at the August 2022 General Conference, the Administrative Board has approved a series of informational congregational meetings to update our members and prepare them for what is next. These meetings will take place on the 3rd Sunday of the month after 9AM worship - at approximately 10:30 AM. October 17 November 21 December - NO meeting due to the holidays. January 17 February 20 Please mark your calendars and make an effort to attend. Stewardship for 2022 | God has been good to our church and to our leaders and has blessed us in so many ways. He has enabled us to be a blessing to many people in and outside of our church. We ask that you please continue to pray for our mission, our leaders, the Methodist Church, and our ability to reach out beyond our walls. Stewardship begins with the recognition that all that we have and all that we are is a gift from God. We are not the source. We continue to be dependent on God for everything we have each day. Do we remember to say thank you? All we have God has put in our care for a time. With these gifts comes responsibility - nurturing them, sharing them justly and charitably, and returning them to God abundantly. They are for the service of others. If you are in the practice of tithing, please continue. Maybe even increase your tithe. If you have never tried to tithe, now is a good time. We ask that you prayerfully consider tithing this coming year. God tells us to test Him. He will always come through. Take the leap of faith. All gifts are greatly appreciated and will be put to good use. Click here to download a commitment card that represents a tangible opportunity to worship and serve God through generosity. We ask that everyone return a commitment card, even if you can only make a limited financial commitment at this time. Remember you can always increase or decrease your commitment if your situation changes. These cards aid us in setting our budget for 2022. All cards are due by September 26th. Should you need help in completing the card, one of our volunteers will be calling you to assist. We will present our annual giving commitments during worship service that day, but you may return your card at any time during the month of September by placing it in the offering plate on a Saturday or Sunday or by mailing it to the Church office. Thank you for all you give and do for the Lord's people. Schedule your Fall Clean-up The youth are interested in raising funds to attend camp in 2022. You can help by having them complete those outdoor chores in return for a free will donation. Fall clean-up will be October 23 from 9:00AM to 12:00PM. Contact April if you are interested. Community Thanksgiving Lunch | Saturday, November 13 at Noon | The Thanksgiving meal will be served on the 2nd Saturday of November. (NOT Thanksgiving Day). If you would like more information on the dinner, volunteer to help serve, donate, etc., contact Lenny Yenilaitus. All are welcome! Shoebox Gift | Due November 7 | The amazing journey of a simple Shoebox Gift with YOU and the results in Evangelism & Discipleship! Children need joy now more than ever. Most of all, they need the hope found only in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you partner with us to share that glorious hope of Jesus? Be on the lookout for the arrival of shoeboxes! Shoeboxes will be due by Sunday, November 7th. Cookie Dough Fun-Raiser is Returning! Tubs are 2 quarts and cost $10 each. Dough flavors are sugar, chocolate chip, and oatmeal craisin Contact April to order today! Deadline to order will be November 7, 2021. Methodist Women Events | We will continue to meet the second Tuesday of the month at 1:00 PM in Fellowship Hall unless otherwise announced. Our focus continues to be local mission work. All ladies are welcome. Please let us know of any ideas you have or issues that you would like more information. Methodist Women's Ministry | Subs and Pretzel Sandwich Sale - Order Pickup on October 21 - Noon to 2:00PM Subs are $6.50; Sandwiches are $5.00 payable when ordering. Subs may either be picked up at the Church on October 21st from noon til 2:00PM or delivered if you are unable to get to the Church at that time. Prayer Opportunities | Prayer is such an important part of a church's life. FUMC offers many opportunities to strengthen your prayer life. Please check out our prayer ministry page . We offer prayer groups, a prayer chain, an intercessory prayer group, and many other opportunities to kneel before our Lord and Savior and share your burdens and worship and praise. For what other great nation has God so near to it as the Lord our God is whenever we call to him? ~Deuteronomy 4:7 (NRSV) Requests for Prayer | Please remember to call the church office if you know of members in the hospital or if you are going to be in the hospital. A visit from our Pastor or visitation team can be arranged. Please continue to remember all those in the hospital, in mourning, and listed in the weekly bulletin in your prayers. ​ Website Prayer Request Page: You may also submit a prayer request by accessing our prayer request page. Weekly Prayer Ministry | Wednesdays at 6 PM Our Prayer Ministry will also continue to run every day of the week with prayer partners meeting for one hour a day with a one-week-at-a time commitment. Please sign up in pairs to pray for one hour a day during your week for the Kingdom of God to come more fully in our church and our community and beyond. We will continue to promote the prayer team ministry on Sunday mornings with the prayer clipboard circulated periodically. Please join us as we seek God together! Do you have a testimony? Do you have a testimony from your time of prayer? Has the Lord done something special in your life recently? Your testimony might really bless someone in the congregation. Please let Pastor Fisher or a member of the worship committee know. Worship committee members are Julie Saunders, Cindy McClelland, Ruth Noecker, and Dwight Dros. ​ We are excited to see what God is doing in our midst and where he is leading us as we continue to seek Him earnestly in prayer! He is answering!! Missions Committee Evangelism CD | Jesus – Help in Times of Need Devotional CD John Fatora and Irene Tomchik published a CD a few years back that shares the message of Jesus Christ in the spirit of John Wesley. ​ It is the vision of the Missions Committee that this CD will be a continuation of the Discipleship process that we are pursuing as a church. We have been growing and training as disciples over the past few years and feel now is the season to begin moving beyond our church family into the community using this CD as a tool to help share the life of Christ with our neighbors and friends. ​ Copies are available for drive-by pickup under the carport; or ask your small group leader for copies to give to friends who are open to receive them. Click here if you would like to listen or download the CD. ​ If you have any questions, please contact the Church Office at 570.385.3941 or . Next Community Lunch is November 13 at 12 PM All are welcome to share this time of fellowship. If you would like to sponsor a Community Lunch, please contact the Church Office at 570.385.3941 for contact information regarding available dates. Men's Breakfast | October 16 at 8:00 AM For more information, please contact the Church Office at 570.385.3941. Health & Welfare Committee The purpose of this committee is to address the health and welfare of our church members and the surrounding community. In that role, we are offering face masks free of charge to those in need. Being made are masks for male adult, male teen, female adult, female teen, male child, or female child. ​ When you order, we will need your name, address to where to mail masks, telephone/cell phone number, and the count of how many of each size you need. If mailing masks is not desired, other arrangements may be made to get the masks to you. ​ Please contact Dot Murphy, Ann Moyer, Linda Olsen, Karen Shiffert, or the Church Office. Health and Welfare Happenings Caregiver Conference and the Caregiver Support Group on hold until 2022. As the status of the pandemic is changing yet again, we are holding our plans to 2022. Diakon Community Services is sponsoring "Walk With Ease" Join the free 6-week indoor walking program led by a certified instructor. Enjoy even walking surfaces and enjoy the company of other walkers! Fairlane Village Mall (meet at center court) Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday September 20 - October 29 from 1:00-2:00 PM To register, please contact Diakon Community Services at 570.624.3017 Prayer Shawl Ministry Update Since 2011, this ministry has gifted 171 prayer shawls to men and women in need of prayer within and outside our church walls. Prayers are lifted over the shawls before gifted and often while in the process of being created. ​ Can you knit or crochet? We could use your help. Would you consider creating a shawl for the church's prayer shawl ministry to gift to others in need of prayer? Please help us keep our shawl inventory plentiful. We need the talents of you, the church family, to help keep the closet full. It doesn't matter if it's one shawl or many; any will be appreciated and in being a blessing to another, you will also be blessed in return. If you are interested in this ministry, there are two ways to help: Let us know of a need through contact Donna Miles, Linda Wagner, or the Church Office Crochet or knit a prayer shawl wrap of any color or style. The rectangular shape measuring 15-18 inches wide by 5-1/2-6-1/2 feet long makes a comfortable wrap. Some donated yarn is available for your creation. ​ We thank all who have created beautiful prayer shawl wraps through the years. Some folks have been thanked personally while others donated anonymously and with this note, we thank you so much. There are no church funds used for this ministry. These wraps are a gift from the heart and the blessings are many from the first stitch of the giver to the gentle touch of the receiver. ​ For more information, please contact Linda Wagner, Donna Miles, or the Church Office. Thank you very much for supporting this wonderful outreach of our church and her ministries. There are times when things are not going well for each of us, perhaps we ourselves are sick, perhaps there are loved ones who are sick or hurting, maybe there is a family emergency or crisis, during these times you don't need to be alone. Our Pastors, Minister of Visitation, or even our Lay Leader would be very happy to come and visit with you. Before you reach a place where you feel alone and that no one cares, please call the Church Office and let the office staff know that you are in need of a visit. The message will be passed along quietly to the Pastors and a time for a personal visit can be arranged. Others of us tend to prefer to weather these times quietly and by ourselves; if that is you, please be aware that there is a Prayer Ministry team that is willing to intercede and pray for you. You can access the Prayer Ministry through the website, by calling the church office, or prayer chain . Most importantly, remember that you have a church family that is willing to walk along side of you at all times. Also, please know that you don't need to be a Pastor or Lay Leader to visit and care for your Brothers and Sisters in Christ. You can visit our homebound members. If you enjoy getting to know new people and would like to spend some time with members of our First Church family that can no longer make it to church on a Sunday morning, please call the Church office or simply put a note in the offering plate and someone will contact you. Thank you for taking the time to spend a few minutes sharing the love of Jesus with our members who can no longer come to church! Did you know…? FUMC saves Redner’s receipts Do you shop at Redner’s? If so, do you have a Save‑A‑Tape /Pump Perks/Rewards Card? FUMC participates in the Redner’s 1% Save‑A‑Tape program. Remember to use your Redner’s Save‑A‑Tape /Pump Perks/Rewards Card and put your entire receipt in the plastic containers on the table in the narthex marked Redner’s receipts. By using your rewards card each time you purchase merchandise (excludes, fuel purchases and items controlled by the federal or state government such as tax, milk, and tobacco products) at Redner’s Warehouse Markets, your receipt will be designated as a 1% Save‑A‑Tape customer receipt with a Save‑A‑Tape total printed on the receipt. Receipts that have been highlighted or written on are not eligible, so please do not mark or circle the receipts. Participating in the 1% Save‑A‑Tape program does not exclude your ability to receive gas points, etc. If you don’t already have a rewards card, you can pick one up at any Redner’s locations. The card is free and you DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION to receive the card. Your name is not on any mailing list if you request a card. Our church gets 1% of the total of all receipts. For example, if the receipts total $5,000, we would get $50 to be divided between Christian Ed and the Youth Group. Please consider participating in this easy program.

  • Youth - Middle School Schedule | First United Methodist Church

    ​ NOTE: We reside in the Schuylkill Haven School District so in the event that the Haven schools are canceled because of winter weather conditions, our Youth Group meetings (whether it be on a Sunday or Wednesday) will be canceled as well. At the same time, in the event that prior to our Youth Group meetings (whether it be on a Sunday or Wednesday) the weather conditions become unsafe or too slippery to drive, we will cancel our meetings. In the event of the need to cancel, information will be communicated to you via Facebook. Please note that with the recent uptick in COVID cases within our local schools, events may need to be rescheduled/altered. Therefore, we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we press forward with planning and kindly request that you/your youth RSVP to let us know if they can or can’t make it to an event.

  • Youth - High School Schedule | First United Methodist Church

    Schedule NOTE: We reside in the Schuylkill Haven School District so in the event that the Haven schools are canceled because of winter weather conditions, our Youth Group meetings (whether it be on a Sunday or Thursday) will be canceled as well. At the same time, in the event that prior to our Youth Group meetings (whether it be on a Sunday or Thursday) the weather conditions become unsafe or too slippery to drive, we will cancel our meetings. In the event of the need to cancel, information will be communicated to you via Facebook. October 17 Youth Group in church fellowship hall ​ October 23 Service project - yard cleaning for our elders. If you need help, contact Portia. ​ October 30 Fall lock-in and fundraiser (Halloween costume contest)

  • Upcoming Participation Opportunities | First United Methodist Church

    Fellowship, Community Outreach, and Worship Opportunities... The Church Family of FUMC is quite busy throughout the week. Below is a list of scheduled meetings and events for the upcoming months. This information should be used only as a guide – like a “save the date” card that you’d receive for an upcoming party. For concrete dates/times, please refer to the weekly bulletin or the weekly announcements page .