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  • Online Giving | First United Methodist Church

    Online Giving " Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever." - Psalm 118:1 ​ "Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it." - Malachi 3:10 We are pleased to offer a number of secure and convenient methods to present your tithes and offerings electronically. We recently migrated to a new platform, GivePlus Powered By Vanco Payment Solutions. The first time you use the new service you will need to setup an account. You may also wish to consider setting up a recurring donation. Via the Web Click here to give via our secure web site. Via Mobile App Via Text Message Click here for instructions

  • Church History | First United Methodist Church

    CHURCH HISTORY Our present church building was dedicated to the Glory of God and consecrated by Bishop F. Herbert Skeete, resident Bishop of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church at a service of worship on May 15, 1983. The District Superintendent, the Reverend Dr. B. Burns Brodhead, assisted the Bishop in that service. Our present congregation traces its origin directly to a meeting held on March 13, 1902, in the home of J. F. Bast, of 37 St. John Street, with Dr. William McDowell, District Superintendent, in attendance. His later report to the Annual Conference indicated that on the above date, he organized a new society in Schuylkill Haven. Also, that they had bought a lot and were making arrangements for the erection of a building. He described the new enterprise as "starting with great vigor, 72 members received on probation, and appointment of a pastor requested." Among this group and others added within a few days, were the names of Snayberger, Bast, Thomas, Becker, Bowen, Dowdle, Boyer, Reed, Kerschner, Emerich and Freed. Rhoda Thomas Pritchard and Ruth Thom Rutter were the first persons baptized in the church. Charles Lendle and Alice Susan Berger were the first couple married in the church. On Easter Sunday, March 30, 1902, Reverend Charles T. Isenberger preached his first sermon in Metamora Hall. (This Hall is located above the Detweiler Funeral Home.) Under his leadership, the group forged ahead and our beloved St. John Street Church was built, with dedication taking place on November 9, 1902. The building cost $7,000. Within a few years, a new parsonage was provided and the mortgage on the church was burned. On November 19, 1980, about 8:45 a.m., a fire of unknown origins ignited the main church structure on St. John Street, resulting in its total destruction. Many church members tearfully witnessed the disappearance of our beloved church that had served us so well for 78 years, through worship services, weddings, baptisms, confirmations, lay witness missions, and sacred concerts. The reality of the total loss of our facilities caused expressions of disbelief and dismay, and underneath the varied emotions, there arose a determination to rebuild and go on. On March 1, 1981, the congregation voted to proceed with planning for construction of a new church. George Kulp was appointed Building Committee Chairman, and with his committee of interested members, set about selecting an architect and a type of church facility that would suit the needs of the congregation. Preliminary drawings for the First United Methodist Church to be built on a 4.132 acre site on Saylor Street were presented to the congregation on June 1, 1981, by Don Klinger Architect, of Millersburg. They chose a colonial style brick. The anticipated completion date was set at April 3, 1983. A Building Fund Campaign took place under the guidance of Juanita Locker Ivie, of the Board of Global Ministries from October 8th to the 21st. Dr. Herbert C. Rubright, Sr., served as general chairman for the Executive Committee for the Christian Responsibility Fund Campaign. By the grace of God, the congregation known as the First United Methodist Church of Schuylkill Haven, moved into the new facility DEBT FREE!!! Since 1983, the church has added 28 parking spaces, thus having the largest parking lot of any church in Southern Schuylkill County area. We have added a large enclosed sound proof comfort room at the rear of the sanctuary thus allowing families with young children to worship in a relaxing environment and atmosphere. The sanctuary was also enhanced with a large wooden Lord's Supper Mural which graces the rear wall of the sanctuary. It is well known and people come from other congregations to view it. In 1992, the church added an early service of worship (8:00 a.m.) to accommodate our growing numbers and provide multiple occasions of worship. In February of 1997, an additional worship service - a Saturday night Contemporary Service was started. Since 1902, with the appointment of our first Pastor, Reverend Isenberger followed by the 28 pastors who have since served our church, including our present Pastor, the Reverend Doctor Christopher Fisher, appointed in 2005, we have experienced continued growth, spiritually, missionally, and in fellowship. In our history we have had one associate pastor, Reid S. Thomas, Jr., appointed for a short length of service. We have had four youth directors since 1994. A request from the Tower South (High Rise) Tenants Council was made to our church to provide a regular traditional worship service for the residents of the facility in order to minister to the spiritual needs of those unable to attend regular church services. As a result of that request, in June of 2009, a Sunday evening worship service was added and is held at the Tower South on Parkway in Schuylkill Haven. In 2014, we turned the organization of this ministry over to the Tower South Council. ​ In 2016, the church added an elevator for use by those in need. ​ In 2019, the church combined the 8:00 a.m. traditional and the 10:30 a.m. contemporary services into one 9:00 a.m. blended service. Also added was a 4:00 p.m. GenZ service to reach the younger generations. ​ In March of 2020, due to the Covid-19, the church began live-streaming the Sunday morning service. As you can see, God has been good and generous and faithful to us. We hope to be faithful to the blessings we have received. We also want to pass on the gift of faith and hope to a generation yet unborn. Praise be to God! Click here if you are interested in a more detailed history of FUMC.

  • FEAR2FAITH | First United Methodist Church

    Fear2Faith: A video series on current events, Bible prophecy, and faith. Dear Friend, A recent survey by the Joshua Fund revealed that 44% of all Americans are asking why this pandemic and other crises are happening. They are wondering whether this is either a wake-up call to return to God and the Bible, a sign of coming judgment, or both ( ). The survey covered a random sample of Americans, including atheists, agnostics, Jews, Muslims, and other religious groups. It showed that many people are searching the Bible and seeking online for spiritual answers in a way not seen for years. Are you asking any of these questions? Do you want to know if there is a God, if he cares about you, and how you can know him? Are you wondering if the Bible is trustworthy and might have the answers? Are you seeking hope and a sure future amidst the fear? To help with these questions, we at First UMC, Schuylkill Haven, have produced this series of messages on God, current events, biblical prophecy being fulfilled today, and the grounds for hope in Jesus Christ. We invite you to check it out. We want to help you find a genuine relationship with God and give you sound reasons to trust in Jesus Christ amidst these crises.

  • Committees | First United Methodist Church

    COMMITTEES ​FUMC is comprised of many committees and leadership roles. Serving on a committee is just one way to share your diverse gifts and interact with those who share your interests and values. Below is a list of leadership roles and committees. ​ Leadership Roles Senior Pastor Lay Leader Saturday Night & Sunday Worship Coordinators Treasurer Office Manager Administrative Board is comprised of the Chairperson of each Committee and other church leaders. At the regularly scheduled meetings, the Board hears reports from the church staff and each of the active Committees. ​ Committees The purpose of the Committee is to be the responsible body for the timely internal and external communications about our church's programs, services, people, events, activities, outreach, and missions. This would encompass the faithful and spiritual implementation of all our church's marketing, public relations, and providing advertising information to committees for their individual needs. Our mission is to implement methods and means of communicating fully and completely about who we are and what we do as a church in order to strengthen our bonds as a Body of Christ, not only as members within our own church, but as evangelists to the community at large. The purpose of the Media and Technology Committee is to provide technological assistance for the service of the church's ministries. The scope of the Committee is to establish and/or maintain the different technological programs in the church's ministry, to include service multi-media operations, slides creation, satellite TV operations, website maintenance, and church IT protection. Communications / Media & Technology | Community Relations and Outreach | The purpose of our Community Relations and Outreach Ministry is to reach those who are outside the walls of our church with the message and the love of Jesus Christ. We do this by providing opportunities to minister to all we meet. We are blessed to be able to serve in the mission field in our community as we partner with local organizations and communities to build relationships and provide opportunities to share God’s love and plan of salvation. Our vision is simple - to love God and love our neighbors! ​ There are many different opportunities for members of all ages and stages to learn about the Bible's teachings and living the life of the gospel in today's world. The Committee is responsible for our Sunday School curriculum for youth and adults, as well as the summer Outreach program, the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, various Christmas programs, among others. The Committee: recruits teachers, chooses material, plans and runs the summer Outreach program along with volunteers. The Committee is always looking for members as well as dedicated Sunday School teachers. Anyone interested in becoming active in the education of both youth and adults within our church are welcome to attend and get involved in the education of all. Discipleship | ​ Although the Committee is unique in its function, their goal is in bringing together the members of the congregation and their family and friends into one body to share and live out the Gospel. Fellowship’s function is to plan social activities for the congregation to come together as a church family. Fellowship and Hospitality | The primary responsibility of the Committee is to enable and support the ministries of FUMC. The Committee evaluates the financial needs of the congregation with the preparation of the annual budget, reviews and advises AdBoard on giving patterns and the financial health of FUMC, reviews and advises on the use of special gifts and memorials, supervises an audit of all financial records and procedures, and monitors invested funds. Another responsibility of the Committee is to promote good stewardship by leading the congregation to higher levels of proportionate giving as God has given us all that we have, let us give back to God first, as he commands us to do. Let our gifts enable our congregation to do God's work. Finance | Works in conjunction with the Parish Nurse in serving the congregation in different health-related areas and provides monthly blood pressure screenings. The Committee provides programs to improve the health of body, mind, and spirit. Some of the programs the Committee provided in the past to enhance the health of the congregation are "The Walk to Bethlehem", Medication Education, Advance Directives, "Get My People Going", established the Caregivers Conference, and played an instrumental part in getting the automatic external defibrillator (AED) for the church. Health and Welfare | ​ Lay leadership is composed of professing members and the charge of this committee is to identify, develop, organize, evaluate, and monitor Christian spiritual leadership of the congregation. Members of the committee shall engage in and be attentive to developing and enhancing their own Christian spiritual life in light of the mission of the Church. Lay Leadership | Although the Committee is unique in its function, they share a common goal with the Evangelism and Fellowship Committees in the bringing together the members of the congregation and community into one body to share and live out the Gospel. Membership’s focus is to audit the membership and manage visitation. Membership | This ministry of the church recruits and oversees the adult mission teams sent out by the Church, including Volunteer in Mission (VIM) teams; oversees support for missionaries and Christian organizations sponsored by the Church; oversees periodic missions conferences; provides support and connection for the various social and missional outreach programs of the church, including the Vineyard Ministry, Meals Ministry, and Community Lunch. Missions & Social Concerns | Is a member of the ministerial team providing health services focusing on the holistic integration of body, mind, and spirit to the members of the church and the community beyond. The Parish Nurse does not provide medical treatment or hands-on care but is a Health Educator (providing educational materials and programs about health topics), a Health Counselor (increasing members' awareness of health issues), a Referral Source (providing information about and assists with community resource linkage), and a Resource (consulting/answering questions about health issues or navigation of the health system). Parish Nurse | Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) is the administrative unit where staff and congregational interests are integrated to focus on the mission of the church. SPRC confers with the congregation and the staff/pastor about ministry direction, assesses the ministry of the congregation and the staff/pastor, supports continuing education for all staff, identifies and supports individuals from the congregation whom God seems to be calling for ordained ministry, makes recommendations regarding compensation, travel, benefits and housing to the church council, and recommends needed staff positions and develops written job descriptions and titles for associate pastors and staff. SPRC | The Trustees is responsible for taking care of the church grounds, buildings, and parsonage. The Committee's goal is to provide a safe and comfortable house of worship and to keep the church property in good repair. The Committee is responsible for routine repair and maintenance as well as any required capital projects (i.e., heating and electrical systems, roof, etc.). They also organize the "Church Clean-Up Day" which relies on volunteers to assist in pre-determined tasks. Trustees | The Committee is comprised of willing workers who are committed and dedicated to providing a meaningful worship experience by overseeing the worship services throughout the church year; organizing the various choirs, praise teams, and hand bells; purchasing and scheduling of music; maintaining the piano and organ; seeking guest musicians and presenters for the services; providing palms, candles, communion elements, Bibles and hymnals for the pews, and coordinates the anniversary dinner. The Committee is also responsible for ensuring proper licensing and approvals are in place for streaming and/or recording music, scripture, etc. Worship | Youth Council is structured in a way to equip and empower our young people to be active leaders within our ministry and play a critical role in the planning and execution of our ministry and outreach. Youth Council | ​ ​ For more information on ways to get involved and serve with FUMC Ministries, click here.

  • Calendar | First United Methodist Church

    The information on this calendar is generally based on the information in the newsletter and Sunday bulletins. Therefore, this information is subject to change and may not be reflected within the calendar if changes are made by event organizers without notification to the Church Office. If you see any discrepancies and would like the information updated or have a new item to be submitted for the calendar, please contact the . Webmaster

  • Adult Sunday School | Small Groups | First United Methodist Church

    ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL / SMALL GROUPS Connects all of us, young and old, to the Source of life. Provides an opportunity for continued growth. Transforms people and churches. Helps people become leaders. Provides a church family. Provides a safe place for people to make new friends and grow in their faith. Deepens people's knowledge and understanding of God's hand in all of life. The Christian life is lived out with people. We understand that growing one's faith requires the support, attention and nurturing that only small group can provide. Trusting relationships allow us to know one another deeply and to be known. What we receive from God is always matured, tested and developed in the context of people, like you, in God’s Church. Here at FUMC we value the time-proven experience of Christians meeting in home groups for the purpose of Fellowship, Bible Study, Missions, and growing, nurturing, and discipling people to become dynamic followers of Jesus Christ. We offer short-term and long-term classes to allow you to connect with others as you walk together on your faith journey. Our small groups are a way to get to know each other. ​ A Discipleship Council has been implemented and their primary work is to develop effective small group discipleship ministry at the church. If you are interested in attending any of the currently functioning groups, please contact the Church Office at 570.385.3941 for contact information or the Group Leaders to confirm schedules. The small groups that are currently functioning are listed below; however some of these groups are meeting in-person and others virtually: ​ ​ LifeGroups - Topic is "Healing" Sundays at 10:30 am Led by: Gary Daum Led by: Karen Shiffert Led by: Tom Reed Led by: Don Bergen Led by: Ted & Carolyn Catranis (Young Adult Group) Led by: Sevenia Reiger ​​ Mondays Led by: Ellen Marino Time: 10:00 am Where: At church ​ Tuesdays Led by: Ann Moyer & Nancy Kraft (Ladies Only) When: 1:00 pm Where: At church ​ Led by: JoAnn Daum (Ladies Only) When: 3:00 pm Where: Church cafe ​ Led by: Mike & Joanne Forbes When: 6:00 pm Where: The Forbes' Home ​ Led by: Wanda Langley (Over 50 Group/Seniors) When: 6:00 pm Where: At church ​ Thursdays Led by: Eydie Reed When: 10:00 am Where: The Reed’s Home ​ Led by: Gerri Inama When: 6:00 pm Where: The Inama’s Home ​ Led by: Ralph & Julie Saunders When: 7:00 pm Where: Church cafe ​ Saturdays Led by: Lisi Fisher & Barbara Brady (Girls, ages 13-25 years) When: 9:30 am Where: Church cafe ​ ​ Other Small Groups with a Non-Healing Focus Wednesdays Chew and Chat Led by: April Bergen When: 10:00 am (every other week) Where: Local restaurants ​ Book of Daniel Led by: Ellen Marino When: 10:00 am Where: At church ​ The Alpha Course (New Members or those who want to know more about Christianity) Led by: Greg & Dawn Fisher When: 6:00 pm Where: At church ​ ​ Thursdays Bible Study Led by: Doug O’Connell When: 7:00 pm Where: At church ​ Saturdays Men's Breakfast When: Third Saturday of the Month at 8:00 AM Where: Fellowship Hall

  • Youth - Links to Websites | First United Methodist Church

    LINKS - YOUTH CULTURE On this page, you will find links to websites that are focused on Youth Culture. If you have a website that you'd like to see added to our Links pages, simply email the . church webmaster ​ ​ ​ is the No. 1 source for all things Christian music, news and entertainment! explores redemptive music and the community and culture it impacts, including artist interviews, album reviews, contests, exclusive video and more. . CCM Magazine - Christ.Community.Music. | CCM Magazine CCM Magazine Click here to access CCM Magazine ​ ​​ The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding is a nonprofit organization committed to building strong families by serving to bridge the cultural-generational gap between parents and teenagers. At a time when an already confusing youth culture is changing quickly, CPYU helps parents, youth workers, educators, and others understand teenagers and their culture so that they will be better equipped to help children and teens navigate the challenging world of adolescence. . CPYU - Understanding Today's Youth Culture | Click here to visit CPYU devozine® is a devotional magazine designed just for youth and published by The Upper Room® in Nashville, Tennessee. devozine® is written by young people and by adults who work with them and love them. devozine’s purpose is to help young people 14–19 years old develop a lifelong practice of spending time with God and of reflecting on what God is doing in their lives. . Devo | Click here to visit DEVO ​ InterVarsity is a vibrant campus ministry that establishes and advances witnessing communities of students and faculty. InterVarsity | Click here to visit InterVarsity . ​ Reviews movies, videos, music, TV and games from a Christian perspective. We're shining a light on the world of popular entertainment. PLUGGED IN Online | Click here to access PLUGGED IN. ​ Leading resource for youth pastors throughout North America and elsewhere in the world. Provides solutions to everyday youth ministry challenges and address important theological issues involved in youth ministry today. . Youth Worker Journal | Click here to visit YOUTH WORKER JOURNAL ​ Youth with a Mission (YWAM) is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. Also known as YWAM (pronounced “WHY-wham”), we unite in a common purpose to know God and to make Him known. . YWAM | Click here to visit YWAM LINKS - COLLEGE CORNER On this page, you will find links to websites that are focused on the College Culture. You've heard it before: This page will be dedicated for college students, or those preparing for the college transition, who want to know and confidently discuss the Christian worldview. Our hope is that you'll graduate with your faith not only intact, but stronger than it was before. Students enter college Christian, but graduate atheist, Buddhist, Jedi, whatever. If you have a website that you'd like to see added to our Links pages, simply email the . church webmaster The CCO is a campus ministry that partners with churches, colleges and other organizations to develop men and women who live out their Christian faith in every area of life. . CCO - Coalition for Christian Outreach | Click here to access the CCO website Chi Alpha is a network of Christian ministries that look a little bit different on every campus – but here’s what you’re always sure to find: college-age men and women who are at once wrestling to become who they are (through school or work or life experience), and to connect with God. . Chi Alpha | Click here to access the Chi Alpha website The purpose of Campus Crusade for Christ is to help fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others; and helping the Body of Christ do evangelism and discipleship. . Campus Crusade for Christ | Click here to access the Campus Crusade for Christ website Focus on the Family's TrueU is a video curriculum that offers an introduction to apologetics (a defense of belief in God) that aims to help reverse this trend. The series equips students to stand up for their beliefs in the face of a culture that tells them their faith is absurd, obsolete and impractical. . True U - A Place to Discover the Truth | Click here to access the True U website

  • Gallery | Photos | First United Methodist Church

    GALLERY Pastor Fisher - Communion Meat Pie Fundraiser 2020 Ignite Food Drive - February 2020 Volunteering at SPCA - 2019 Winterblast 2020 Methodist Women - Making Fidget Blankets 2019 SummerBlast 2019 Caregiver Seminar 2019 Puerto Rico Mission Team 2019 Sledding at WinterBlast 2020 Ignite Group 2020 2020 Father Daughter Dance

  • Children's Ministry | First United Methodist Church

    CHILDREN'S MINISTRY “Then he said to them, “Whoever welcome this little child in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcome the one who sent me.” ~Luke 9:48 ​ “Children are a gift from God, they are His reward.” ~Psalm 127:3 Children aren’t just the future… FUMC understands that children are not only the future, but also the present of the church. Children are warmly welcomed into FUMC’s church life. We offer many dynamic programs for children to learn about Jesus as we guide them in their faith to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Come check us out to learn more! ​ PARTNERING WITH PARENTS… We are committed to partnering with families to continue faith development at home. We are committed to joining with you, the parent, in your attempt to lay down a spiritual foundation that, in God’s timing, will lead your children into a relationship with God through Jesus. Your church family wants to support you in fulfilling your God-given responsibility of starting them on a life-long journey and relationship with Jesus. ​ Safety is a top priority… Our vision is to create a safe and fun environment for all children so they can know and experience God’s love. God has called us to make our ministries safe, protecting our children and youth from abuse and exploitation. God has also called us to create communities of faith where children and youth can be safe and grow strong. ​ Jesus taught “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me...,” (Mark 9:37 NIV) and “These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. (Deuteronomy 6:6-7 NIV). ​ To learn more about our Safe Sanctuary Policy or if you have any questions please call the church office at 570.385.3941.

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