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  • Online Giving | First United Methodist Church

    Online Giving "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever." - Psalm 118:1 ​ "Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it." - Malachi 3:10 We are pleased to offer a number of secure and convenient methods to present your tithes and offerings electronically. We recently migrated to a new platform powered By Vanco Payment Solutions. The first time you use the new service you will need to setup an account. You may also wish to consider setting up a recurring donation. Via the Web Via Mobile App


    CHURCH DIRECTORY (Member-Access Only) If you want access to the church directory and in order to protect our FUMC church family, you will need to request access to the page with your email and set a password (something you'll remember). Once this form is completed and submitted, the Website Admin will receive a request to approve access and you will receive an email stating your request was received (email address will be:; response for approval is typically within 24 hours. Once approved you will receive an email from havenfirstumc ( asking you to confirm your email. ​ Our directory contains contact information for all the families of First United Methodist Church of Schuylkill Haven and is an easy to use tool to help you stay connected. PLUS, you will see portraits of all our families that participated in our last photography event or have been added manually as new members joined. This is a great way to connect names and faces! To view the online directory, click on the link provided below: ​ ??????? ​ ??????Access Code to directory is SH972. ​ ​ Once you are logged in, you can scroll through the directory, search by name, view family profiles, email/call/map, and view staff-only page. To update your contact information, please send an email to .

  • Upcoming Participation Opportunities | First United Methodist Church

    Fellowship, Community Outreach, and Worship Opportunities... The Church Family of FUMC is quite busy throughout the week. Below is a list of scheduled meetings and events for the upcoming months. This information should be used only as a guide – like a “save the date” card that you’d receive for an upcoming party. For concrete dates/times, please refer to the weekly bulletin or the weekly announcements page .

  • Devotional Podcast | havenfirstumc

    Are you going through a difficult time? Are you worried, sick, lonely, down-and-out? For over two thousand years, Christians around the world have depended on Jesus to help them get through the tough times. This CD will explain how to live a victorious life now and throughout eternity by relying on the power of Jesus Christ.

  • Church Directory | havenfirstumc

    ALTON George ​P: 570.385.5182 E: BALDWIN Richard, Laura ​P: 570.385.4969 E: BARNES Justin, Talisha, Andre, Jeremiah ​P: E: BARNES Robert, Tracey ​P: 570.943.4010 E: BAUM Barry, Judith ​P: 570.385.1906 E: BAYLIFF Kevin, Patricia, J. Austin, Elizabeth ​P: E: BEDWAY Paul Jr., Kim ​P: 570.366.0427 E: BEDWAY Randy, Tanya, Ryan, Brady, Lauryn ​P: 570.366.0742 E: BEERS Darlene ​P: 610.781.6644 E: BENNER John, Christine ​P: E: BERGEN Don, April, Matthew & Katie ​P: 570.739.1606 E: BERGER Jeff, Michele ​P: 570.385.4576 E: BERGER Marvin, Sandy ​P: 570.385.0648 E: BERGER Mudge, Elaine ​P: 570.385.3342 E: BERGER Rick, Sandi, Calli ​P: 570.385.0743 E: BOHLER Kendra ​P: E: BRACHMAN Patricia ​P: 570.366.0249 E: BRADY Timothy, Barbara P: 570.385.0573 E: BRAEUNIG Kalen, Lauren, Serai P: 571.409.0722 E: BREISCH Ken, Theresa P: 570.385.2812 E: BRENSINGER Randy, Gloria P: 570.593.8940 E: BRIDGES Matheau, Kaden P: 570.691.4207 E: BRINK Glen, Vickie P: 570.739.2056 E: BROWN Robert E., Dottie P: E: BUBECK Richard P: E: BYRON Robert, Shirley P: 717.306.4316 E: CALLAGHAN Brian, Terri P: 570.345.6626 E: CARL Christopher, Tara, Emmaleigh Rae, Caiden Kenneth P: 834.276.5593 E: CATRANIS Ted, Carolyn P: 570.640.0031 E: CHALLENGER Bret, Elizabeth, Dan, Christie P: 570.739.0992 E: CLAY Charles, Carole P: 570.385.4830 E: CLAY Hope P: 570.385.2375 E: CONNORS Marga P: 570.385.4908 E: DALEY John, Kelly, Eric Freeman P: 570.739.4177 E: DAUKAUS Joe, Lisa, Michele, Becca, Abby P: 570.544.3979 E: DAUM Gary, JoAnn P: 570.366.0972 E: DEVINE Sharon P: E: DOTTERER James P: 570.516.6767 E: DROS Dwight, Cindy, Amber, Amaris, Arielle P: 570.593.8448 E: DRUST Jolene, Emily P: E: DUNKLING WW, Jan P: 570.739.1529 E: EIFERT Jim P: 570.385.1300 E: EMBURY Duane, Mary Lou P: 570.789.1718 E: EMERICH Shirley P: 570.385.3498 E: ESPOSITO Douglas, Debra P: 570.385.3527 E: EVANS Bert, Josette P: 570.366.0416 E: FATORA John, Patti P: 570.628.5429 E: FAUSNAUGH Madalyn, Layla Watkins, Bryce, Mason P: E: FAUSNAUGH Ryan P: 484.345.9014 E: FAUST Jeffrey, Lori P: 570.739.0901 E: FAUST Kaitlyn P: 570.385.8277 E: FISHER Chris, Lisi, Luke, Mercy, Raquel, Eva P: 570.385.2199 E: FISHER Greg, Dawn P: 570.622.1669 E: FORBES Michael, Joanne P: 570.294.6285 E: FRANK Bradley, Rebecca, Braden, Sara P: 717.377.2165 E: GEARY Carl P: 570.739.2526 E: GEHRING Rodger, Lisa, Preston P: 570.622.0927 E: GICKING Eleanor P: 570.573.5622 E: GLUNZ Jim, Connie P: 570.943.7696 E: GRABOWSKI Michael, Audra, Noah, Savannah P: 570.385.3111 E: GRATE Kathi P: 570.691.7719 E: HACKMAN Dallas, Kathleen, Dallas, Cassandra P: 570.628.9095 E: HAMILTON Christopher, Valerie P: E: HAWLEY Dr. Richard, Bonnie P: 570.385.4651 E: HEFFNER Lora P: 570.739.1349 E: HEFFNER Richard, Carole P: 570.385.3100 E: HELWIG Randall, Eileen, Elizabeth, Sarah P: 570.385.3403 E: HESS Duane, Madison, Avaree P: E: HOFFMAN David, Melissa, Erika, Alec P: 570.385.1452 E: HOLZER Bob, Kim P: E: HOUSEL Ray, Dawn, Taylor (NP), Tabby (NP), Jason (NP), Faith P: 570.205.5233 E: HUDOCK Brian, Marcy, Grace Joelle, Elijah, Delaney, Brianna, Connor, Nicole (NP) P: 570.544.4195 E: HUMMEL Corey, Amy, Connor, Carson P: 717.805.6518 E: Inama Paul, Gerri P: 570.345.3287 E: JONES Lou, Evelyn P: 570.968.4687 E: KATKOWSKI Joseph, Barbara P: 570.575.4159 E: KAUFMAN Jon, Jill, Esther P: 570.640.7929 E: KAUTERMAN Dale P: 570.385.1253 E: KEMPES Bob, Claire P: 570.622.8284 E: KETNER Faye P: 570.385.3412 E: KETNER Thomas, Jr. P: 570.385.3412 E: KNAUF Jeffrey P: 570.385.2864 E: KNAUF William, Linda P: 570.385.2144 E: KOCH Kathy P: 570.385.4806 E: KOCH Marilyn P: E: KRAFT Adam P: 570.617.6239 E: KRAFT Bruce, Kristy P: 570 .385.1048 E: KRAFT Warren, Nancy P: 570.385.4431 E: KRAMMES Dennis, Sharon P: 570.739.2339 E: KUTZ Mary P: E: LADO Nancy P: 570.366.4967 E: LANGLEY Wanda P: 570.516.7237 E: LASH Amanda P: E: LAZARCHICK Dean, Lorena, Jeffrey P: 570.739.3355 E: LAZARCHICK Paula, Carter McLaughlin P: E: LEIBENSPERGER Gary, Linda P: 570.385.5086 E: LEVAN Kim, Sonja P: 570.385.4095 E: LORD Kevin, Paula P: 570.739.1224 E: LUCKENBILL Terry, Beverly P: 570.739.1060 E: MACHAMER Alan, Bernice P: 570.385.1500 E: MADRIGAL Robert, Debbie P: 570.385.4731 E: MANBECK Dave, Mary Jean P: 570.385.2898 E: MANTON David P: 570.277.6375 E: MARINO Ellen P: 973.610.5621 E: MAURER Melissa P: 570.622.2670 E: MCCLELLAND Tom, Cindy, Rebekah, Joshua, Jacob P: 570.628.5667 E: MCCLELLAND Virginia P: 570.984.4221 E: MCDONALD Bobby, Jayne P: 570.385.3410 E: MCDONALD Brian, Virginia, Jacqueline P: 570.385.1064 E: MEASE John, Anna P: 570.695.2385 E: MECK Walter, Jenny P: 570.640.0589 E: MILES Donna P: 570.385.3448 E: MONTZ Lora P: 570.385.2394 E: MORGAN Dolores P: 570.385.4723 E: MOYER Bob, Ann, Julia, Joelle, Jillian P: 570.385.0686 E: MOYER Gerald, Montene, Shain, Gwendolyn Wagner P: 570.385.5443 E: MOYER JoAnn P: 570.622.0166 E: MOYER Kevin, Kathy, Taylor P: 570.593.5659 E: MOYER Richard, Patricia, Samantha, Rachel P: 570.739.2337 E: MURPHY Bill, Cassie, Patrick, Keegan, Kyla P: 570.739.4437 E: MURPHY Dot P: 570.739.2783 E: NAUS Bertha P: 570.385.0197 E: NOECKER Ruth P: 570.449.6916 E: O'CONNELL Douglas, Lynne P: 570.449.2355 E: O'CONNELL Robert, Jess, Teagan P: 570.449.0709 E: O'Rourke Nancy P: 610.641.0375 E: O'Toole Kaitlyn P: E: O'Toole Melinda, Jacob P: 570.385.3787 E: OLAH Eric, Gracyen P: 570.385.2661 E: OLSEN Andrew P: E: OLSEN Linda, Jeff P: 570.385.4592 E: OLSEN Stephanie P: 570.294.4512 E: ORNDORFF, III Robert P: 570.385.4554 E: PARRISH Bill, Connie P: 570.366.1310 E: PEIFFER Harry, Irene P: 570.345.4147 E: PERRY Serena, Isaiah, Sarah, Gabriella P: 570.294.3727 E: READING Brian, Judy P: 570.385.3804 E: READING Gerald, Karen P: 570.385.4641 E: READING Jeffrey, Bailee, Avery P: 570.385.1426 E: REBER Kevin, Michelle P: E: REED Tom, Eydie P: 570.943.3355 E: REIGER Sevenia J. P: 570.385.0625 E: REPELLA Brianna P: E: REPELLA Marcus P: E: REPELLA Mark, Kim P: 570.617.5856 E: RHODES Dr. Wesley, Lisa P: 570.385.3417 E: RICKETTS Kelly, Hannah Heintzelman, Moriah Heintzelman P: 570.573.9163 E: RIEGEL Lester P: 570.739.4875 E: RITTER Lavinia, Owen, Evan, Enzo P: 570.385.6869 E: RITZ Eric, Mary P: 570.739.0043 E: ROSE Kyle, Kimberly P: 570.590.6200 E: RUBRIGHT Harry, Cheryl P: E: X X P: E: X X P: E: X X P: E: X X P: E: X X P: E: X X P: E: X X P: E: X X P: E: X X P: E: X X P: E: X X P: E: X X P: E: X X P: E: X X P: E:

  • Adult Sunday School | Small Groups | First United Methodist Church

    ADULT SMALL GROUPS Connects all of us, young and old, to the Source of life. Provides an opportunity for continued growth. Transforms people and churches. Helps people become leaders. Provides a church family. Provides a safe place for people to make new friends and grow in their faith. Deepens people's knowledge and understanding of God's hand in all of life. The Christian life is lived out with people. We understand that growing one's faith requires the support, attention and nurturing that only small group can provide. Trusting relationships allow us to know one another deeply and to be known. What we receive from God is always matured, tested and developed in the context of people, like you, in God’s Church. Here at FUMC we value the time-proven experience of Christians meeting in home groups for the purpose of Fellowship, Bible Study, Missions, and growing, nurturing, and discipling people to become dynamic followers of Jesus Christ. We offer short-term and long-term classes to allow you to connect with others as you walk together on your faith journey. Our small groups are a way to get to know each other. ​ A Discipleship Council has been implemented and their primary work is to develop effective small group discipleship ministry at the church. If you are interested in attending any of the currently functioning groups, please contact the Church Office at 570.385.3941 for contact information or the Group Leaders to confirm schedules. The small groups that are currently functioning are listed below; however some of these groups are meeting in-person and others virtually and are subject to change without notice on this page; please contact the Leader directly for current status : ​ ​ LifeGroups - Topic is "Healing" ​ Mondays Led by: Ellen Marino Time: 10:00 am Where: At church ​ Tuesdays Led by: Ann Moyer & Nancy Kraft (Ladies Only) When: 1:00 pm Where: At church ​ Led by: JoAnn Daum (Ladies Only) When: 3:00 pm Where: Church cafe ​ Led by: Mike & Joanne Forbes When: 6:00 pm Where: The Forbes' Home ​ Led by: Wanda Langley (Over 50 Group/Seniors) When: 6:00 pm Where: At church ​ Thursdays Led by: Eydie Reed When: 10:00 am Where: Being held virtually until further notice ​ Led by: Gerri Inama When: 6:00 pm Where: The Inama’s Home ​ Led by: Ralph & Julie Saunders When: 7:00 pm Where: Church cafe ​ Saturdays Led by: Lisi Fisher & Barbara Brady (Girls, ages 13-25 years) When: 9:30 am Where: Church cafe ​ ​ Other Small Groups with a Non-Healing Focus ​ ​ Book of Daniel Led by: Ellen Marino When: 10:00 am Where: At church ​ ​ ​ The Alpha Course (New Members or those who want to know more about Christianity) Led by: Greg & Dawn Fisher When: 6:00 pm Where: At church ​ ​ Wednesdays Accountability Group Led by: Doug O’Connell When: 6:30 am Where: Being held virtually until further notice. ​ ​ Thursdays Bible Study Led by: Doug O’Connell When: 7:00 pm Where: Being held virtually until further notice. If you are interested in joining the group, contact Doug O'Connell for a link to the Zoom meeting; or contact the Church Office. ​ Saturdays Men's Breakfast When: Third Saturday of the Month at 8:00 AM Where: Being held virtually until further notice.

  • A Word from the Pastor | havenfirstumc

    A word to encourage you and strengthen you in your faith, and to let you know what is happening in the life of our church. To access these video messages from Pastor Fisher, please click on the link of interest. December 23, 2021 Dear Members and Friends of Schuylkill Haven First UMC, Below is a link to the Pastor's Chat Dec 23 video for the Christmas holidays, with announcements about upcoming church events. Enjoy! ​ Merry Christmas and many blessings in the new year! Pastor Chris November 24, 2021 Dear FUMC Congregation, I invite you to view/listen to today's Pastor's Chat, for Wednesday, November 24, 2021. Here's the link: Happy Thanksgiving! Please take a few moments to view the Pastor's Chat video for Thanksgiving (11/24) at the link printed above. It contains a short Thanksgiving devotion and highlights news about several upcoming events in the life of the church. Thank you!!. ​ Yours in Christ, Pastor Fisher May 18, 2021 Dear FUMC Congregation, I invite you to view/listen to today's Pastor's Chat, for Tuesday May 18, 2021. Here's the link: It includes updates on lifting more Covid restrictions at Church, including mask wearing changes in light of new CDC/PA Health Dept. Guidelines; plus Graduate Recognition Sunday (May 30), and preparing for a new floor in Fellowship Hall in early June. Closing with a short devotion from Hebrews and prayer. ​ Yours in Christ, Pastor Fisher March 31, 2021 Dear Friends of First UMC Schuylkill Haven, Here is my Pastor's chat video for March 31, 2021, with updates on Holy Week and our latest church Covid quarantine policy update. Enjoy. Here's the link: Happy Easter! I hope to see you this Holy Week! Pastor Fisher March 3, 2021 ​It contains updates on live worship and on small group ministry, with a short devotion from Luke 6. Here's the link: Enjoy! Blessings! Pastor Fisher January 27, 2021 Pastor's Message with Devotions and Upcoming Lent Series It is 5 minutes long, and includes a brief devotion and news on our upcoming Lent series, which begins on Ash Wednesday, February 17. Enjoy viewing! December 23, 2020 ​Pastor's Message with Devotions and Christmas Season News Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus! Here is a link to a short video with news on Christmas Eve worship plans, re-assurances about Covid-19's impact on the congregation, and a few other year-end items of church news. December 9, 2020 ​Pastor's Message with Devotions and Christmas Season News Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus! Here is a link to a short video sharing devotions and Christmas season news, including an update on Christmas Eve worship plans. November 25, 2020 Pastor's Thanksgiving Message with Covid Worship Protocols Update Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus! Here is a link to a short video wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving and giving an update on our church's latest Covid protocols. November 11, 2020 Brief devotion on Psalm 128, some updates on our church's Coronavirus response, and highlighting this Saturday November 14 Thanksgiving Lunch at noon November 4, 2020 Psalm 121 devotion, Sunday 11/8 Anniversary Sunday update, and Wesley Covenant Association simulcast invitation for Saturday, 11/7 October 21, 2020 Pastor's Chat on Coronavirus Safety Measures September 30, 2020 Discipleship and Small Groups Ministry

  • Youth - Middle School | First United Methodist Church

    Email our Youth Director to learn more! Middle School (Grades 5-8) iGnite Youth Ministry exists to love God & love others. iGnite is geared for students in grades 5 through 8 who want to make a difference in their church, community, and world for Christ! ​ The group is being led by: Mrs. April Bergen Mr. Don Bergen Mr. David Williams Mrs. Renee Williams Click to view our Calendar of Events "Fun"-Raisers! Youth in grades 5-8th are welcome to COME, GROW & GO with us! ​ ​ …as we COME together to know Christ as our Lord & Savior by experiencing fun-filled faith during our weekly club meetings called, "Wacky Wednesdays" in which our youth serve as Christ's ambassadors to their peers as we host "a party with a purpose!" Youth enjoy food, fun & friendship as we build stronger relationships with each other and Jesus. ​ …as we GROW in Christ by being youth who worship, study, pray, serve and fellowship together on our journey by sharing life, laughs & the love of Jesus! ​ …as we GO serve by showing Christ through action, attitudes, words, and service by being ​ " For our Neighbors" throughout the year, where you can make a difference by helping to collect food for the hungry, showing compassion for animals at the local shelters, and spreading the Gospel through various outreach events. ​