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  • SummerJam | havenfirstumc

    Looking for something that's exciting for the WHOLE family this summer? JOIN US AS WE This summer! Wednesday, June 1st Wednesday, July 6th Wednesday, August 3rd 6:30-8:30 PM * Bubeck Park

  • Worship Schedule | First United Methodist Church

    WORSHIP SCHEDULE This is a general schedule to be followed. See the "this week at" page for updated schedule information or for possible deviations from normal schedule. Sundays​ 9:00 am 10:45 am ​ Tuesdays 6:00 pm ​ Wednesdays 4:30 pm 6:00 pm 7:00 pm ​ ​Saturdays 6:00 pm ​ Combined/Blended Worship Service - Live & Online Coffee House Style Worship in Fellowship Hall - Live ​ ​ Prayer Service (starting March 1 through April 12) ​ ​ ​ ​ Ignite (Middle School) Youth - Wacky Wednesdays at the Green Goose (Spring/Fall) and Haven Rec Center (Nov-March) ​ Prayer Service (returns to Wednesday on April 20) Music Team Practice ​Contemplative Worship

  • Mural of the Lord's Supper and Crosses | First United Methodist Church

    MURAL OF THE LORD'S SUPPER AND CROSSES This Lord’s Supper Mural is given to the glory of God in loving memory of Charles C. Reading and Charles I. Reading. There is an ancient proverb that shares the insight “A picture tells a thousand words.” The beauty of this Lord’s Supper Mural is that it tells the story of salvation in a way that is beyond the power of words to express. Truth is conveyed not only by wisdom and intellect, but by the heart expressed in art. The sacraments have been called “sermons in action.” A famous layperson once said: “I would rather see a sermon than just hear one.” The Lord’s Supper is at the heart of our Christian faith. Here we see the love of God in action. This Lord’s Supper Mural depicting Jesus Christ our Lord and the twelve disciples tells the grand story of salvation and the divine—human encounter in a very dramatic way. The cross tells the marvelous message of God’s love entering the human struggle to liberate us from the paralyzing powers of sin and death. It should be noted that our Lord gathered his disciples at a TABLE rather than an altar. The table is a place where the warmth of friendship and the bond of true intimacy with the host can take place. JESUS IS ALWAYS THE HOST , as the large Christ cross demonstrates in a vivid way. The LARGE CHRIST CROSS is a vivid reminder that Jesus Christ died for us while we were yet sinners. The cross is the only authentic sign of love in our fallen world. The cross is a powerful reminder of how far humanity will go in hate. However, it represents how far Christ will go to demonstrate his love for us. The other TWELVE CROSSES demonstrate how the message of the cross lives on in the lives of the twelve disciples and the cultures they impacted with the gospel. The story continues on. It cannot be stopped. The message continues to call people of every age, race, class, gender, and color to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The LORD’S SUPPER TABLE reminds us that God continues to invite us to commune with him and to develop an intimate relationship with him through the Lord’s Supper. It further reminds us that we are a community of faith where all worldly distinctions face and we are a true family of believers. The BREAD AND CHALICE represent the ongoing nourishment and nurture that God provides for those who love and serve him and the strength and courage needed to follow the example of Christ. The SPOTLIGHTS remind us that Jesus Christ is the true light of the world and that we should at all times keep our focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. The one true light has entered human history and the powers of darkness are unable to extinguish the light. The MONEYBAG reminds us of the tragic consequences of listening to anything except God’s word and will. Only God can meet the deepest needs and longings of the human spirit. However, all the crosses together remind us that there is more grace in God than sin in us. God is faithful to his covenant that he established and sealed with his own death and shed blood. There is no sin he cannot forgive and no person he will ever cast out. This is the good news of the gospel that God has called us to share and proclaim each day until he comes again. May all who view this Lord’s Supper Mural be renewed by the good news of the gospel that all of human life can be released from the bondage of sin and death and then be refreshed by the living bread and the cup of salvation. May the words of Charles Wesley inspire us each time we commune at a Lord's Supper observance: How happy are Thy servants Lord, Who thus remember Thee! What tongue can tell our sweet accord, Our perfect harmony? Who Thy mysterious Supper share, Here at Thy Table fed, Many, and yet but one we are, One undivided Bread. One with the Living Bread Divine, Which now by faith we eat; Our hearts, and minds, and spirits join, And all in Jesus meet. So dear the tie where souls agree In Jesu's dying love; Then only can it closer be, When all are join'd above. Amen. To learn more about the crosses depicted in the mural, click here to view a Legend for the Lord's Supper Mural and Crosses .

  • Ways to Serve | First United Methodist Church

    WAYS TO SERVE The Holy Spirit and You Do you know what your Spiritual Gifts are and how you can use them at FUMC? As a Christian saved through acceptance of God's grace by the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ, we receive the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit, we receive spiritual gifts to be used in service for God's greater glory. We are to use our unique personalities, traits, and interests to build up the church and to share Christ’s love with the world. You can use these gifts through the ministry of FUMC. Together we provide many opportunities to share God’s love with one another and with the world. Using your Spiritual Gifts is as easy as sharing your time and talents. Below is a list of areas that you can volunteer to serve FUMC: ​ Acolytes | Confirmed youth and youth in the confirmation process are required to serve as acolytes until the age of 16. Acolytes light and extinguish candles. Acolytes receive their initial training and are scheduled by Sandi Berger. Choirs / Praise Team | FUMC offers several opportunities to worship and praise God. We offer an adult choir, a cherub/children's choir, and the praise team. For more information on our music ministry, please click here . Christ Servant Ministry | Certification with extra training and preparation for service in a number of helping ministries. ​ Coffee Servers and Donations | Coffee continues with our new schedule of one worship service on Sunday morning. You can make a monetary donation on a Sunday morning, volunteer on the signup sheet to bring baked goods, you may purchase and bring canisters of regular or decaf coffee, individually wrapped tea bags, hot chocolate, coffee creamer, sugar packets, or other items that may be used to serve the coffee. If you have any questions or not sure what to bring, contact Karen Shiffert or the church office at 570.385.3941. ​ Community Luncheon Sponsor or Server | For more information on our community lunch ministry, please click here . ​ Community Relations and Outreach | For more information on our community relations and outreach, please click here . Communion Steward / Server | A communion steward provides the elements (bread and juice) and sets up for the communion service by placing the bread and cup on the Communion Table as directed by the Pastor (i.e., intinction or individual cups). A communion server assists the Pastor during the communion service by serving the bread and cup to the congregation. ​ Exerettes | FUMC and Diakon's PrimeTime Health partnered to form the Exerettes to provide older persons with valuable knowledge and techniques to assist them in maintaining health, wellness, and independence. The program is particularly attractive to older adults because most of the dances and activities can be done either standing or sitting down. One of the goals of the Exerettes is to inspire others and to show that it is never too late to make life-style changes. The exercises not only promote balance but also flexibility, strength, and better. The Exerettes meet every Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10 to 11 am here at FUMC in Fellowship Hall. By the way, IT's FREE!! Come and join us!!! ​ Greeters/Ushers are the people who say hello and hand you a bulletin when you come to church and have a very important part of our worship; as part of their responsibility, as an Usher they collect the offering(s) and direct people to receive Holy Communion. We welcome and encourage church members who would like to be greeters to contact the church office for available dates. Lay Home Communion Ministry | This group provides the Sacrament of Holy Communion on a regular basis, providing a bridge between the congregation and home-based members. These people have a sense of mission, are responsible, have compassion, are non-judgmental and can keep confidences. They are servants of the Lord who bring the blessings of their congregation to God's children with special needs. Lay Liturgists | Liturgists are congregation members who volunteer to open worship with announcements and to read the lessons during the church services. They serve on an occasional basis. If you are interested in serving as a lector, please contact the church office. Lay Speakers/Preachers | Is God calling you to help spread the Good News? Do you feel a burning desire to talk to others about the things of God? If so, then lay preaching may be the route for you. Lay speakers/preachers are given the work of speaking God's word, praying for others, and serving the congregation's needs. The lay preachers serve FUMC by sharing God's word with the congregation for the Saturday evening service or occasionally on a Sunday morning when the Pastor(s) are out of the pulpit. Media Ministry (media/sound booth) | For more information on our media ministry, please click here . Ministry Teams and Committees | There are many committees that lead FUMC and serve this congregation. Serving on a committee is just one way to share your diverse gifts and interact with those who share your interests and values. For more information, please see the Committees Section of this website . ​ Newsletter Helpers | Bi-monthly, this group meets to help collate and sort the monthly newsletter. If you are interested in serving as a Newsletter Helper, please contact the church office. ​ Prayer / Prayer Shawl Ministry | For more information on our prayer and prayer shawl ministry, please click here . ​ Small Group Leaders | The Christian life is lived out with people. We understand that growing one's faith requires the support, attention and nurturing that only small group can provide. Trusting relationships allow us to know one another deeply and to be known. What we receive from God is always matured, tested and developed in the context of people, like you, in God’s Church. Here at FUMC we value the time-proven experience of Christians meeting in home groups for the purpose of Fellowship, Bible Study, Missions, and growing, nurturing, and discipling people to become dynamic followers of Jesus Christ. We offer short-term and long-term classes to allow you to connect with others as you walk together on your faith journey. Our small groups are a way to get to know each other. If you have a suggestion for a small group, or if you would like to connect with a small group, please contact the church office. ​ Sunday School Teachers | Sunday School teachers are willing to spread the love of Jesus Christ with a group of 6-12 children on Sunday mornings from September through May, have the ability to plan and lead meaningful lessons for Sunday School children, and are willing to serve on a quarterly basis. ​ Vineyard Ministry Volunteers | For more information on our Vineyard ministry, please click here . ​ ​

  • Messages | First United Methodist Church

    MESSAGES Streamed Recordings Beginning March 22, 2020, FUMC started to live-stream the worship services. These streamed services can be found through the website , through our Facebook page , on YouTube , or Vimeo . ​ Podcasts We offer an archived library of podcasts from our regular weekly and holiday services prior to March 22, 2020, in two formats: (1) contains just the scripture and message or (2) if your preference is to listen to the entire worship service (announcements, music, prayers, etc.), please contact the Church Office at 570.385.3941 or send an email to to request a copy of the service on CD. ​ ​ Our prayer is that each of these messages will touch and bless each of you in some way.

  • Live | Messages/Sermons | First United Methodist Church

    FUMC WORSHIP On Demand Library Our prayer is that each of these messages will touch and bless each of you in some way. Online Giving Also Available On:

  • Church History | First United Methodist Church

    CHURCH HISTORY Our present church building was dedicated to the Glory of God and consecrated by Bishop F. Herbert Skeete, resident Bishop of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church at a service of worship on May 15, 1983. The District Superintendent, the Reverend Dr. B. Burns Brodhead, assisted the Bishop in that service. Our present congregation traces its origin directly to a meeting held on March 13, 1902, in the home of J. F. Bast, of 37 St. John Street, with Dr. William McDowell, District Superintendent, in attendance. His later report to the Annual Conference indicated that on the above date, he organized a new society in Schuylkill Haven. Also, that they had bought a lot and were making arrangements for the erection of a building. He described the new enterprise as "starting with great vigor, 72 members received on probation, and appointment of a pastor requested." Among this group and others added within a few days, were the names of Snayberger, Bast, Thomas, Becker, Bowen, Dowdle, Boyer, Reed, Kerschner, Emerich and Freed. Rhoda Thomas Pritchard and Ruth Thom Rutter were the first persons baptized in the church. Charles Lendle and Alice Susan Berger were the first couple married in the church. On Easter Sunday, March 30, 1902, Reverend Charles T. Isenberger preached his first sermon in Metamora Hall. (This Hall is located above the Detweiler Funeral Home.) Under his leadership, the group forged ahead and our beloved St. John Street Church was built, with dedication taking place on November 9, 1902. The building cost $7,000. Within a few years, a new parsonage was provided and the mortgage on the church was burned. On November 19, 1980, about 8:45 a.m., a fire of unknown origins ignited the main church structure on St. John Street, resulting in its total destruction. Many church members tearfully witnessed the disappearance of our beloved church that had served us so well for 78 years, through worship services, weddings, baptisms, confirmations, lay witness missions, and sacred concerts. The reality of the total loss of our facilities caused expressions of disbelief and dismay, and underneath the varied emotions, there arose a determination to rebuild and go on. On March 1, 1981, the congregation voted to proceed with planning for construction of a new church. George Kulp was appointed Building Committee Chairman, and with his committee of interested members, set about selecting an architect and a type of church facility that would suit the needs of the congregation. Preliminary drawings for the First United Methodist Church to be built on a 4.132 acre site on Saylor Street were presented to the congregation on June 1, 1981, by Don Klinger Architect, of Millersburg. They chose a colonial style brick. The anticipated completion date was set at April 3, 1983. A Building Fund Campaign took place under the guidance of Juanita Locker Ivie, of the Board of Global Ministries from October 8th to the 21st. Dr. Herbert C. Rubright, Sr., served as general chairman for the Executive Committee for the Christian Responsibility Fund Campaign. By the grace of God, the congregation known as the First United Methodist Church of Schuylkill Haven, moved into the new facility DEBT FREE!!! Since 1983, the church has added 28 parking spaces, thus having the largest parking lot of any church in Southern Schuylkill County area. We have added a large enclosed sound proof comfort room at the rear of the sanctuary thus allowing families with young children to worship in a relaxing environment and atmosphere. The sanctuary was also enhanced with a large wooden Lord's Supper Mural which graces the rear wall of the sanctuary. It is well known and people come from other congregations to view it. In 1992, the church added an early service of worship (8:00 a.m.) to accommodate our growing numbers and provide multiple occasions of worship. In February of 1997, an additional worship service - a Saturday night Contemporary Service was started. Since 1902, with the appointment of our first Pastor, Reverend Isenberger followed by the 28 pastors who have since served our church, including our present Pastor, the Reverend Doctor Christopher Fisher, appointed in 2005, we have experienced continued growth, spiritually, missionally, and in fellowship. In our history we have had one associate pastor, Reid S. Thomas, Jr., appointed for a short length of service. We have had several youth directors since 1994. A request from the Tower South (High Rise) Tenants Council was made to our church to provide a regular traditional worship service for the residents of the facility in order to minister to the spiritual needs of those unable to attend regular church services. As a result of that request, in June of 2009, a Sunday evening worship service was added and is held at the Tower South on Parkway in Schuylkill Haven. In 2014, we turned the organization of this ministry over to the Tower South Council. ​ In 2016, the church added an elevator for use by those in need. ​ In 2019, the church combined the 8:00 a.m. traditional and the 10:30 a.m. contemporary services into one 9:00 a.m. blended service. Also added was a 4:00 p.m. GenZ service to reach the younger generations. ​ In March of 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the church began live-streaming the Sunday morning service. At this time, the Saturday evening and GenZ services were put on hold. In late summer of 2020, the Saturday evening service resumed and a new service = the Haven Family eXperience (A Family Worship Experience) also known as the FX service was started as an outreach to the community on a Sunday morning at 11:00 am and was held at Bubeck Park in Schuylkill Haven and moved to Fellowship Hall In November due to the colder weather. As you can see, God has been good and generous and faithful to us. We hope to be faithful to the blessings we have received. We also want to pass on the gift of faith and hope to a generation yet unborn. Praise be to God! Click here if you are interested in a more detailed history of FUMC.

  • Calendar | havenfirstumc

    The information on this calendar is generally based on the information in the newsletter and Sunday bulletins. Therefore, this information is subject to change and may not be reflected within the calendar if changes are made by event organizers without notification to the Church Office. If you see any discrepancies and would like the information updated or have a new item to be submitted for the calendar, please contact the Webmaster .

  • Forms | First United Methodist Church

    FORMS ​This page offers a brief explanation of the forms available through our website. You may access these by clicking on the links below. Media Service Form Each Sunday, we are provided with the sight and sound ministry of our church service by only a few members of our church every week. If they are not available, then the operations of sight and sound become chaotic or not available. The Media-Tech Committee is asking for just a little of your time of volunteering in this ministry. With enough volunteers, the Committee can create a schedule that will save your time to once a month, at minimum; just like periodically being a greeter/usher. All we need is a few moments to fill this form out and forward it to the Church office . Photo Release Form Technology today is allowing the use of photographs of individuals and groups in many different media formats. In light of this fact, the Communications Committee is requesting that the congregation take the time to review, complete, and return the Photo Release Form to the church webmaster . This form authorizes FUMC to use snapshots in slide presentations, on the church website, directory, newsletter, brochure, or in any other material. Website Information Submittal Form This form is to submit a request for information to be posted on the church website. The requestor contact information will not be posted on the website. If there are parties interested in your announcement, they will be directed to contact the requestor* or the church office for additional information. Use reverse side or attach additional pages if necessary. You may also forward information/clipart to the Webmaster by emailing it to the church webmaster . ​ Weekly Worship Service Recordings Request Form Each Sunday, FUMC streams its worship services online at . These services are also viewable through Facebook and Vimeo. Simply clicking on the church's website link will take you to various viewing options. Because some members of the congregation do not have access to the internet, we are offering to record the services on CD or DVD for those who request them, and have them mailed or hand delivered by a cadre of volunteers, thanks to the Stephen Ministry. Please call the church office or mail in this form if you need a CD or DVD of the worship service in order to participate in worship. Thank you. ​ Youth Permission/Blanket Release Form Moms & Dads... please be sure to download and fill out the 2019-2020 Student Permission & Release Form. All forms must be filled out and turned in for all children and teens involved at FUMC. Please forward your completed form to Pastor Fisher at .

  • 2021 Small Group Plan | First United Methodist Church

    The Discipleship Council's 2021 Small Group Plan was developed based on the June 23, 2019 FUMC Discipleship Plan and approved on March 23, 2021. If you have any questions on the 2021 Small Group Plan, contact the church office or any member of the Discipleship Council to discuss further. 2021 SMALL GROUP PLAN visual overview of the FUMC discipleship process